Best picture from last year

I want to see everyone's picture from last year's hunting season. Great photography, great animal, great memory, whatever.

This is my favorite. It was the last bird I shot on the last day of the season. And I thnk it was the only hun I shot all year.


Itchy Dog

Some call me Kirk Werner
These are both from my gallery. The one of me and my dog, Eddie, was taken last year on the opener over north of Moses Lake. He was only 7 mos, and was just along to learn, but he did retrieve one Gadwall. The one of my son and his turkey was taken in April, so technically it's from "this" year, although last spring feels like a year ago.
Here's a pic of a big ass blue I got last year. By the way CWU girl that is a great hun, i've only shot one in my life and can't wait to find some more.
This is the only hunting picture I can find from last season. Along with keeping a hunting diary, taking pictures is at the top of my list this year (I say that before every season though). While I appreciate sunrises and the chill of a fall morning, long walks with the Brittany, the covey rise of chukar from steep basalt hill sides and the other natural wonders experianced in a day afield, sometimes you just have to get out there and whack a quick limit of fat greenheads - getting a band makes it even better:
itchydog...alpowa ridge outside of pomeroy headed up into the blues...kind of a ways from the breaks, but not too far off.
cwugirl...older canon digital rebel, with the lens it comes with when you buy it(55-80mm?? maybe...something like that)...they were about 40 yards.