Your Opinion Please--St Croix Legend Series


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Hello again

I have a deal going on a St Croix Legend 8#, feels like a great rod and I would be getting a killer deal on this brand new rod

Would potentially be used for my Belize Trip and for Steelhead from there out.

It feels really nice and stiff, like it would rocket some line, so on and so forth.

What are your opinions of this rod, how has it performed, and with the feel of a very fast rod, does it still have decent sensitivity?

Thanks for the input


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I'm assuming your talking '1-handers' here; great rod, one of only two that I use (the other is a 10' 7wt Sage XP). Match this up with a RIO 'Rio Grande' line and it really 'zips.'
As far as I know, there are two Legends. The Legend Elite retails for around $550.00, and the Legend Ultra for around $350.00. I own an 8wt, 10 foot Elite, which in my opinion is an excellent rod--sensitive yet powerful. I've never used an Ultra, but I hear good things about it. Either rod is a good buy if it is in good condition and the price is fair.

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I use a legend Ultra 4 wt for summer steelhead (mostly in the 4-10lb class). It's a great rod and a blast to use. I imagine a 8 wt would be an excellent all round steelhead rod.

I am planning on picking up a 10' 8 wt in the not too distant future.

Note (FWIW) I have an orvis Zero G (bought at a charity auction...otherwise I could never make myself pay that much for a fishing pole...) and the only meaningful difference between the Orivs Zero G 4wt and my St. Croix Ultra 4wt is price and the fact that the orvis is a 2 piece (vs. 4). Oh and the ~$350 difference in price :)


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Hey Josh, you taken that thing to the river yet?
Chris...I pick it up from your previous place of employment on Oct 15....payday

Will let you know how it's Arkansas?

Caught a phatty 22 inch bow out of the gun club hole yesterday...looked like a Steelhead, it sure made my day bro!
It looks like you made a good decision. They are great rods particularly at that price point. St. Croix fly rods are not as well known in the PNW as they are in other parts of the country but I believe they will be in the next couple years. St. Croix also has tremendous warranty and service, which you will really appreciate should you ever need it. I broke the tip on one in the 90's; it was my fault and I told them that. I sent it in and they replaced the tip at no charge. Gotta like that...


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I have fished half a dozen Legend Ultras over the past 10 years and have felt they were fine rods. Most have been blanks that friends have wrapped for me. Only had to send one back that wasn't my fault and the customer service has been very good to me. Bought a factory 8 weight a year and a half ago but have not had a chance to fish it but plan to do so this fall. Good rod and and company although I was a bit disapponted when the started making rods overseas even though it shouldn't really matter I guess. Their top of the line rods still are American made and come with a lifetime warranty.