Echo Dec Hogan rods?

Dang you are a hard man to track down! After a long long departure from fly fishing ( not a whole lot in the desert) I have returned. I'm been searching to buy a new 5 wt. as I've still been using the old fiberglass Fenwick I bought in that pawn shop on Whidbey Island in 96. In my surfing online for a new rod I see your name popup quite often so I'd thought I see if I could catch you online sometime. Looks like your doing pretty well, glad to see it. Drop me a line when you've got time I'd enjoy hearing from you.
Hey Pat,
Don't you mean 1986? Great to hear from you! I still have a photo of you (circa 1986) sitting by a campfire after you took a dunking in the Chewuch River. Your clothes are drying on sticks perched around the fire and your blue jeans that were a little too close ignited and were reduced to a charred rag. Remeber that? I'll be in touch.
Oh yea I remember that, froze my arse off ! I had to use a piece of rope to hold up me pants the rest of the day,looked like Jethro Clampett. Your right it was 86, how time "flies". No 4 layer ultralight waders back then, 100 % cottons Levi's were for wading. Looking forward to hear from you.


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I fished the 7 and the 8 all week. The 8 with out question is the best two hander I have ever had in my hands. I used both a Delta 8/9 and a Skagit 8/9 with tips. I used a 12 feet head on the delta and fished a 15 foot head on the Skagit. The 8 matched up perfect with both lines but the 8/9 Skagit cleared the longer Type 6 head with ease. The rod was pure and the full flex was very forgiving but not sloppy in anyway. The river was blown so the first few days I was fishing some big trailer trash. As the river came into shape I really did not notice much difference when I dropped in fly size. My search for a all around rod is now over, this thing can do it all. I did not spend as much time with the 7 (could not get it out of Dec’s hands). I did get to make one pass with it and the action was identical to the 8. There was no need to make any adjustments. I will have a better update on the 7 and the 6 when I get back from the Ronde.


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Let's see if I can pull this off without sounding like a jerk. I didn't know Dec was peddling Echo rods as there is nothing on their webpage about it. I assumed he was still with Flylogic but from what I could tell, they don't even make spey rods anymore.

I met Dec once in Skagit Anglers years ago. I had a chum explode a $100 Cortland rod I bought from Eric and was asking Kim about their 1 year warranty. Dec was in and starts chastizing me for fishing chums in the first place (it was actually more like ribbing).

I guess I'm a bit surprised about this endeavor. Dec moves off to Utah to be a firefighter but then later gets back on the fishing scene by hooking up with Echo rods. With no disrespect to Echo, I would have thought with Dec's name and reputation, he could have teamed up with a larger, more well known rod maker? All that speculation aside, with Tim and Dec's input and a $340 price range, it sounds like a winning combination. Will this rod include the second tip like the Echo 2?

BTW- A Passion for Steelhead was instantly thrust into one the all-time classic steelhead books, ranking right up there with Comb's Steelhead Flyfishing.


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Little update on Dec (he would never do this, he has to much class, so I am going to do it for him). Yes its true Dec moved to Utah, not to be a firefighter but to be with the love of his life. He is very happy in his new relationship and new life. Dec had a life long goal of being a firefighter, that goal became possible because of the move to Utah. To say Dec is getting back into the fishing scene is a slight disconnect. He never left, in reality he is more into the fishing scene now than he ever was as a full time guide. Just this year alone he has fished for steelhead in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, hosted a week of two handed casting for kings in Alaska, has taught over a dozen two handed casting clinics (one today), and has traveled all over the US doing book signings and slide shows. He has conducted rod testing for both trout and steelhead rods, written equipment reviews and articles for American Angler and Fish and Fly. The reason he teamed up with Tim (Echo) is because of there long time working relationship and he knew Tim would let him design a two handed rod from the ground up. I am sure Dec could have put his name on any rod out there, but he did not want to just slap his name on a rod. Yes its true Dec is no longer grinding it out as a full time guide but he has never lost he drive to share is knowledge and expertise with any who wants to learn. The man is still all about his passion for fly fishing, he has just made some adjustments in his life. I have known Dec for a while now and I can honestly say he is happier today than he has ever been. Now if you were to say Dec has changed, I would agree with you 100%. It’s not all about steelheading for Dec these days, he is a devoted husband and father who care deeply for his family. He has found the perfect balance between his two passions in life. This all might sound a little mushy but bonds run deep when it comes to steelheading partners, love him like a brother.

All of the Echo DH (Dec Hogan) are true two handers. Here is the line up; 11’9” #4, !2”2” #5, 12’6”#6, 13’ #7, 13’3”#8 and a 13’9” #9. The blank is a sanded black with dark green wraps. The cork is much like the old logic. The reel seat has a dark green graphite insert. The cosmetics are very nice with a low build finish on the wraps. Only one tip. Matched with the right line all of the rods have a consistent action.

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With no disrespect to Echo, I would have thought with Dec's name and reputation, he could have teamed up with a larger, more well known rod maker?
Echo and Rajeff Sports are at the absolute forefront of spey rod development. Many of their innovations in the past few years with tapers and rod lenght have been copied by other companies. Echo also produces some of the finest casting spey rods I've ever used.

I fished the Decko a few weeks back in the 7 and was very impressed, it just felt right. Sweet casting stick.
I fished the Decho 5 wt the other day with one of the new Airflo 420 grain Skagit Compacts. Awesome combination with a poly leader. I might actually have to fish for trout again. Alaska is going to be sick next summer.


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WTF?! I just bought a Classic and now something new and improved has come along? Oh well, at these prices I can have one of each.


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Marty or Dec,

What about that 11' 9" 4 wt. Spey? Is this a true wet fly Spey rod for trout? I have a 12' 6 wt CND rod that I love for light summer steelheading, but it is a bit heavy for the average sea run cutthroat IMO. What line does this smallest of Dec's lineup cast best?




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I would have thought with Dec's name and reputation, he could have teamed up with a larger, more well known rod maker? All that speculation aside, with Tim and Dec's input and a $340 price range, it sounds like a winning combination. Will this rod include the second tip like the Echo 2?
One of the things we are reminded of when reading posts like the recent ones on Global Warming is that there are ONLY two kinds of people in the world. Those you would want to share a boat with, and those you wouldn't:rofl: For some people, who's in the boat with them is more important than how much money they are bringing into the boat.


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I have not fished the 4 weight but have spent some time casting it. It was lined with a Skagit Head and running line. Distance was not a problem (80+ feet) nor was casting larger flies. There would be some issues in trying to turn over a large leaded bunny but no problems with soft hackles or spiders. Can’t wait to Skitter and skate caddis next year on a few local trout streams. The 4 and 5 are true two handers designed to swing flies for trout and will provide a new tool for the avid fly fisher. I use two handed casts all the time with my single handed rods. Now I will be able to get the two handed feel during the heat of the summer while waiting for the big fish to return.