Similkameen Steelhead

Can anyone help me out and maybe Private Message me with a little info on the Similkameen around Orovillle and steelhead.

I'm not looking for GPS co-ordinates to someone's honey run, just some general info. I've done all the research I can on the net and the archives here. There is not alot out there.
What kind of set-up is best, is an 8 weight over doing it?
Are the fish surface orientated or bottom?
Should I stick with low water patterns?

Greatly appreciate any help.

I haven't personallly fished it, but I've talked to quite a few people who have and have even talked to the fly shops in Omak about it, been thinking about making a trip up there for a couple of years now, mainly just to see some new water. I've been told that it really doesn't get many fish in the river until December, but there will obviously be a few that shoot up there earlier. The river is small and you should be able to find places to fish if you get a map and walk a bit.

Anyway, that's secondhand knowledge, but fairly well researched. Somebody else may be able to do better and give you some personal insight.


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RM, I'm headed up this weekend to the property. If I have some time I'll do a little scouting for you. The river opens Nov. 15th from the mouth to the railroad bridge. Two clipped fish a day limit, and all the whities you can smoke...:clown:

Get your license in town at Princes.

Later, Roper