Dry Falls Opener

keep hearing two things, and can't find the answer on the WDFW website: Does Dry Falls open April 1 (like last year), or the last Sat. in April (the 26th)?


I just got back from the same website. I'm taking a copy of that page with me on April 19th, in case there is a question. I couldn't print that page from a pdf file, so I hit the Print Screen button, copied it to a Word Document, and printed the Word Doc.
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Dry Falls Opener-Day-Use Fee

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but since Dry Falls is located in Sun Lakes Park, consequently it is subject to the new "Vehicle Parking Permit" fee which applies to WA State Parks. You have the option of the $5.00 per day parking fee or an annual permit of $ 50.00. Have a Good Day! I've been aware of this since early January but majority of people I've talked with are unawaree of this.
Today I received official confirmation from Joyce Riley, Customer Service Specialist, Washington State Parks Information Center.


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Well, It sounds like were having the group outing thing on April 19. Is this acceptable for everyone? As far as crowds go, well, this is Dry Falls on a weekend, I expect crowds. Just the way it is. Don't like it, Fish a weekday, or go elsewhere. Besides, when night falls, most people pack it in, while I fish on into the twilight. YT:smokin
Dry Falls Opener-Day-Use Fee

Seems they'll do anything for revenue. Wonder what they would do if nobody showed up. I guess they need the $5 to pay for the gas to get to the lake to collect the $5.
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I was thinking about bring my family over camping/fishing to Dry Falls in the second part of May for couple of days. I have 3 kids, the oldest if 5. Now, I have never been to Dry Falls lake and would like to find out whether it is OK/fun for the kids to be around for couple of days. My other alternatives would be some other lake in Okanagan, maybe a little more foresty and picturesque. Although I thing the Dry Falls is pretty remarkable as the geological site, but kids and wife...

Thanks for any input.

You're right. Dry Falls is a great geological site. You can actually see where the falls were when the prehistoric Lake Missoula flooded the area. I'm not sure there is anything else to do but fishing. I don't want to scare you off, but if you have kids, I'd keep them on a short leash. By the end of May, the rattlesnakes should be out, and it's a great place to find them.
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