Any muzzleloading reports?

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How'd you guys with your smoke poles do on deer/elk this past weekend? One of the 4 guys in our group got a good sized cow in the Wenas, but no spike bulls or shooter bucks were seen so I didn't even burn a cap. Of the 15 or so rigs camped in our area, only one other group got a small cow so the harvest was pretty light this year, at least in where we were.
my buddys were in the umtanum/wenas area and 3 of them struck out, one with a cow tag. not sure of the full story, but i got a text message from one of them yesterday. i'll get more details today when i see them.


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I live in Wenas area and shot a big cow opening morning by my house. Nice to have meat in the freezer this year.My hunting partner shot a nice 4x4 by the house yesterday. A lot of deer and elk in the Wenas this year. Will be hunting archery for deer in the Nile area in December


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Here's the cow I took opening morning in unit 342 by my house. Just returned from butcher with over 200 lbs of elk meat. Should be good eating this Winter