Swap Fly doesn't matter winter steelhead swap

David Dalan

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How about we wrap this one up? Any chance anyone else is going to submit? If not, lets split them up and get them sent out. I'm all for giving anyone time that needs it, but if they ain't coming, lets quit waiting :thumb:

Jake Smulkowski

Throwing hoppers into baetis falls
Shit, sorry guys. I completely spaced this swap out. Marty, if you want to PM me with the addresses, I will send my flies to everyone personally - I can't get them in the mail any earlier than Monday. If that is a big inconvenience, then I can try PMing everyone for their addresses. Once again, sorry to hold up the swap!


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I know everyone is waiting to get thier hands on the flies but we have waited this long, whats a little longer. If Jake cant get his in the mail on Monday I am sure it will be worth the wait. Jake get them done and in the mail. :beer2:

David Dalan

69°19'15.35" N 18°44'22.74" E
I'm TOTALLY cool waiting for Jake. I know all about getting shit in late :)

I just figured it had been so long, the others just decided to pass on this one.
no biggie....

we all have shit that come up

my flys are nothing crazy but they are hand died angora yarn and the color is a killer for greatlakes..just learning how to tie and just recieved an actual good vice a regal from my father today for xmas..

So I don't get what is going on! I sent the flies last Friday and they still haven't arrived!! I hope that it is only due to the holiday's backing up the PS somewhat. All ten were sent, so please let me know if you have recieved them. BTW I didn't include extra stamps for the return trip so I will send cash on Monday to cover this expense.