Browns Lake 10/21

Brrrrr. Arrived at the lake around 11am and the car thermometer read 36. The campground was full of hunters but only one other fisherman. Could hardly see the far side of the lake through the fog. By the time I got set up and out on the lake, the fog had lifted a little and a breeze was blowing. The lake is down a couple of feet from where it was in September – maybe 8-10 feet down from high water.

Fishing was good. Brought 10 fish to hand in 3 hours when I had to give up do to numb feet. LDR’d another half dozen or so. All fish took a black/wine seal bugger fished slow and on the bottom in 6-15’. Started with an intermediate line but did a lot better when I switched to a Type III. Half the fish were rainbows, kinda surprising. Last time out I caught probably 80% cutts. Big fish of the day was a 16” ‘bow with shoulders and a big belly . . .LDR’d a couple fish that looked bigger. The lake is definitely worth braving the cold one more time before the end of the month.



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Brown's Lake visitors be advised: The old Burger Hut has moved into the new Texaco mart in Usk and still sells a decent burger and fries. While you are waiting for your burger check out the milkshakes across the street which are pretty good as well. They also sell lattes for those so inclined but never having drank a latte myself I can't vouch for them. Ive