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I was walking some logging roads down by Mt. Rainer looking for some grouse with my lab Jake. I spotted a spur road with a cell tower at the end and decided to walk it. As I approached the tower about 5o yards or so, a ruffed erupted from the shoulder. At the base of the tower was a brown colored building inside a chain linked fence, and as the grouse flew toward the tower, i was thinking is it going to clear it. Nope, hit the building and collapsed to the ground. To make a long story short i had to use a tree branch to retrieve the now dead grouse as my poor whining hound couldnt get into the fenced area to retrieve it. So no lead thrown and meat in the pot. Anyone else have some crazy stories? Jim

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I was pheasant hunting in eastern WA last year and I had crippled a rooster that flew 1/2 of a mile toward our truck and landed in the dirt within 3ft of the tail gate, talk about the odds.

Another time I had shot at a rooster near Walla Walla and I missed it and flew directly into a telephone wire and shocked itself to death. I know these stories are making me sound like a bad shot so I think I will just stop here.:clown:



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Don't worry I think I have you out done in the bad shooting catagory...I was pheasant / chukar hunting a put a take in Indiana with my father-in-law and uncle, needless to say Kain our lab flushed a chukar off to my right ( I was far right)...needless to say this chukar's flight was similar to Kevin Costner's "Dances With Wolves" confederate gauntlet scene! I shot twice, my father-in-law shot twice, and my uncle shot twice all missing! Needless to say we thought "well that bird is gone" as it flew out of the field near the vicinity of our vehicles. Finished hunting and were standing at the tail gate of our truck, guns unloaded except for my uncle who was still walking up to the truck due to a bad hip, when Kain starts running in circles around the damn truck...finishes his second lap when out pops the 'super chukar' between our two rigs...takes off flying in front of my approaching uncle who doesn't have the slightest clue as to what has unfolded! Needless to say another two rounds and FINALLY the chukar met his cryptonite!


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When I was about 12, I was hunting with my uncle for pheasant. Up ahead of us a few hundred feet, I spotted a pheasant sitting out in the open.

My uncle was the real hunter, I was just along to do some plinking with my 22 and maybe take a shot with his shot gun. Well, he told me to take a shot with my 22 to flush it and he'd take it out of the air as it flew off. Problem is, my gun barrel was all messed up and I was trying to fix it as we walked. Screws came loose on this single shot rifle and the sites and grip had to be held in place manually as I tried to aim. I took the shot and bird didn't budge. We looked at eachother surprised, looked back at the bird, and then it just crumpled. Apparently I shot it clean through the throat.

Not hunting related, but I never get to tell this story... In second grade, or maybe 3rd, a friend and I were throwing rocks at some birds while at recess. We never hit any, and were just messing around. We came around an out building from different sides and a bird flew up between us. We launched our rocks at the same time, and the rocks struck eachother about 10 feet above the ground with a loud 'crack'. Would have been louder, but the poor birds head happened to be bewteen them. We felt bad and didn't throw rocks like that anymore. But man, what a crazy shot!
Chad, what I've learned from your stories that I should never getting a shooting or rock throwing competition with you!

This didn't happen to me, but to my dad- years back he was goose hunting in a wheat field that was on a slope. At the bottom of the slope there was a irrigation sprinkler system (the kind with the sprinkler heads on top of the pipes). They had their set up 300 yards up the slope. Some geese flew in and he shot one. The bird didn't come down right away and flew down the sloop at high speed. That bird flew right in to one of those sprinkler heads!! The impact was so bad that there was basically nothing left of the bird.

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A few years ago (I was not present for the event) a couple buddies of mine were hunting ducks out of a blind north of Moses Lake, on a stretch of Crab Creek. It's a flyway for geese, so we always set out a few good decoys and stuff a couple T's or F's in our pockets in case. So they're sitting in the blind with one of the guy's obnoxious (and that's a gentle way to describe him) 12 year old son. Suddenly a group of honkers come straight at them, just off the deck. When the birds get close, they see the hunters (probably heard the kid jabbering in the blind), and make an emergency ascent. But not fast enough. They unload their guns. One of the geese falls flat on the head of the kid. Dazed him, but good. He was quiet the rest of the day.
Geese falling out of the sky can hurt.
I had quail hit the side of my truck one eve on my way home after a humane hunt (one where I couldn't hit anything all day)
So I got to bring home a little meat.

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I spent a long and very cold day- 10-20 degrees - hunting grouse in upstate NY. I was to attend a "stupid hat party" that evening, and I wanted to attach the head, wings, and tail to my blaze orange hunting hat. My setter and I saw nary a bird the entire afternoon. My guess is that the birds were smarter than we were and were holed up out of the wind and cold. Admitting defeat, we piled into the truck and headed home, but the grouse were evidently not content w/ merely laughing at us from the hemlocks. As we rounded a bend there stood a grouse on the edge of the road, closest to my side of the truck. The dog was riding shotgun. My setter spotted the bird, made a single bound across to my side of the truck w/ both front paws landing square on my nuts. The bird flushed and the truck rocketed into a snowbank with me flailing at the dog to get him off my boys!

Two hours later, after rousing a kindhearted farmer from his hearth-side to pull my truck out of the snowbank w/ his tractor, I showed up at the damn stupid hat party feeling quite stupid, w/ no hat.

It's not always the grouse that are unlucky!


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Well, if this counts

I was fishing on the N Fork of the Clearwater in Sept. Being a pitcher through college, i instintively picked up a nice rock as a ruff lit into a willow grove 25 yards from me

As it happened, i thought there would be no way in hell my rock would touch the bird. So in the explosion of feathers, my uncle shouts, "holy shit, you poopcaned it" Couldnt farking believe it

Tasted pretty good with the wild mushrooms my uncle found