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i saw some rednecks from joyce bonk a gorgeous 20 poundish wild steelhead on the lyre last feb. i went and told a game warden that i ran into a few days later. gave him truck/plate details, don't know what ever happened to those scumbags. also the lower elwha near the mouth is a circus, drunken mullet-heads snagging fish and casting over each other.
I was bait casting at the skok. w/ a buddy of mine. we were fishing a spot to ourselves when he hooked into a 19 pound silver. well at least 10 people swarmed us (being the skok. I am aware that this was going to happen) but the thing that really got me was when this guy literally stood in front of me, I mean right in front of me! I could not believe it! I'm not one to open my mouth on the river but in this case-I just laid into him and was so pissed I was ready to knock his head off. Fortunately it didn't come to that and he moved on...
I was on a better known river in Montana casting to some rising trout in this eddy. This guide in a drift boat saw the action and moved in. I didn't say anything at first but then he found a pocket that put the boat between me and the fish. I aksed him to move as my accuracy wasn't great and I didn't want to hit the client. He wouldn't saying that he had a long day and this pocket he found meant less work for him as far as rowing. SO I asked him to move because I was there first. He freaked out and starting cursing at me saying that he was sick of out of towner thinking they had rights on the river he made a living off of.
I threw the shot put in college so i picked up a rock about the size and weight of a shot put nd heaved it next to the area of the rising fish. Huge splash and the guide got some water in his face. And the fish stopped rising. It wasn't the high road but no one was hurt, I never cussed, and a point was made.
I don't fish the Skykomish much anymore because it seems I always run into assholes there.
From Sultan down, most of the stories involve sleds sidedrifting multiple lines through the water I'm fishing, then running up to the top and doing it again.

The summer before last I was fishing jigs in the upper Sky. The water was a bit high and I was standing against the bushes with nobody around. Some dude walked in and started fishing 10 feet below me. I was drifting my float right in front of him and retrieving it so close he could have grabbed it. Then he started casting over my line right in the middle of my drift. I was pissed.
"You park at the hatchery?"
"And you walked all the way down here to fish ten feet from me?"
"I didn't see you."
"Even after you crossed my line for the third f___ing time?"
He reeled up and left.


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One time a creepy guy in a beat up truck pull up to the bank of the river I was fishing, and he just watched me for about 45 minutes. It was his land I crossed to get to the water, but come on, a man's gotta fish!

Wait, wasn't this about us being a-holes?

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I don't think that I have ever had any problems like these. If it gets crowded I just leave as there is a whole lot of river to fish and I'm not going to argue over some 5 foot space.



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This summer on the Cowlitz. We'd been amchored up fishing this run for a half hour or so. This prick spey fisherman wades across the river only to start fishing 20 feet or so in front of our raft. The dude acted like we were invisible. My buddy was fishing gear while I was fly fishing. Words were exchanged and he moved on. His guys arrogant attitude deserved a piece of pencil lead upside his head.

Also, any river in this state that has a Humpy run. Snagger, flosser, poachers, litter, etc. You name it you'll see it. Humpies bring out the worst in folks.
Well. my friend was fishing Devils Lake near maltby and some guys trolling in a boatkept coming realy close to his dry fly line as they were trolling by. After nearly missing it a few times they turned around againand headed straight towards his line. He started yelling at them that they were going to hit his line.. They didnt pay any attention and ran over his line. And even after they had it wrapped up all the way around the motor they still kept going until the line snapped. My friend starts yelling at them and all they do it stop the motor. Reach down take off the line and throw it into the water...

Anotheir time my friend was fishing the snohomish with a guide.. They pull up to a pull with no one around then 15 minutes later 3 boats come down the river and form a box around them. The guide told them their was plenty of water else where they didnt need to crowd them.. No one listened so the guide cut off a lure on one of his polls and started casting lead sinkers into their boats until they left..
I was fishing a nice section of the middle fork Snoq several years back when 4 kayakers came through one after the other to put in right where I was standing and 2 of them proceeded to do eskimo flips in the sweet spot I was fishing!

Last year a friend and I were fishing on the Sky in Monroe when two morons on jet skis decided to show off in front of us several feet from where we were casting. My friend yelled at them out of frustration and one of them yelled back "I want to watch that chick fish!" and after ravaging the water for several more minutes they sped off. Couple of numb-nuts.
years ago i was fishing the russian at the confluence of the kenia. combat fishing they call it. normally i walk up the russian where there isnt very many people. this day i decided to try my luck at the combat thing. it was fun for a while, i was fishing next to a couple guys from australia. funny dudes. as the day went on people were leaving and i kept moving down river as spots opened up. once i got down a ways i figured out why people were leaving. i found my self next to the rudest a-hole i have ever fished next to. he was fishing like he was starving every fish had to go into his basket. the funny thing is he couldnt land a fish. he was so impatient he couldnt wait for the person next to him to pull there line out of the way. he would cast on it every time. after about an hour of undoing tangles i finally had enough and tried to explain to him how to wait for my line to be past me before he casts that way we wouldnt get tangled. he came back with a smart a** comment. i told him if he casts on my line one more time i was going to shuv that rod of his and all his tackle up his a**. after that we fished together like a couple of buddies. after about an hour he had a fish break off and went to the beach to tie up. in the process of setting the hook on a fish i missed it, jerked my line out of the water and behind me. i didnt want it to get tangled in the bushes behind me so i pulled it back but it was to late it was stuck on something. when i turned around my line was wrapped around the guys head about four times with my fly stuck in his cheak. all i could say to the guy was "did you learn any thing". he packed up and left. after that fishing was peacefull again.