Sea Run Cutts on the Green

Has anyone had success fishing for SRC in the Green River? After catching a 22-inch Sea Run on the Sky last weekend (what a beautiful fish and an awesome fighter!), I am looking for places closer to home to fish for them. I am thinking about trying Flaming Geyser this weekend for them. Any advice for the Green or other Rivers in the South Sound?.

I caught the SRC on a large Lightning Bug (Size 8 Nymph) in an attempt to get either a Sea Run or Steelhead. The Sea Run had so many eggs in his mouth he could not swallow any more. When I brought him up to take the hook out, eggs were falling out of his mouth. I had so much fun catching him that I am just as interested in SRC as a Salmon or Steelhead. They are following the Salmon to the spawning beds and then gobbling up the eggs. I was fishing a slot close to shore just ahead of a pool where there were Salmon spawning.
I have heard of cutt fishing on the Green ina number of places, but have never done it myslef. I have seen them in there when looking down from a bridge (when I was summer steelheading). I was thinking about popping over there one of these upcoming weekends, so if I do, I'll tell you how it went.
well i have cought three in there this year they were very nice i used small yellow dry flys and striped them very fast they seem to like the belly of the fly to have the gold tinsle on them i doint know what the flys name was but i got them in the most cheepist fly asortment in the store it was a danulson fly set in a cheep box like 2.99 for 10 flys i have coult fish on all but two flys i fish metslere park alot and there are lots of holes to fish u can go up streem 1/4 of a mile and down streem two miles or so and there are lots of nice fish in there it is open tell the 31st and salmon are there but season is still closed but they are fun to cach the kings are in there thikere than flys on shit and the silvere are there to but not to silvere lo,l aney way thought i would help keep the sunny side up and the krusty side down keeep on trucking:9
Is Flaming Geyser open for fishing? I was walking around there today and saw no one in river. I really do like that park area. they have kept it very nice.
Hey all,
I've caught two SRC's this year inside Flaming Geyser.(which is open 'till March,alki) One was about 13" and the other was 18"+. Both nailed a #8 Purple Egg-Sucking Leach intended for thier larger cousins while the the water was low and clear.
There are salmon still present in the park as the Steelie(10 lbs. dark hatchery buck)I hooked last weekend refused to be led into the slower edges of a pool for landing&releasing.(Salmon will attack Steelhead if they get too close to thier prefered holding areas)I also have had reports of Chrome winter-runs being taken by kids fishing for Coho on Soos Creek. I think it's going to be a fine, fine winter :)
I have seen fish jumping along the edges of these pools recently that could be Cutts, though I admittedly know a great deal less than I should about those lil' native gems.
There is fine hole downstream of Whitney Bridge that must be waded to, that was choked full of spawning wild Chinook when I was there last.(about a month ago)I recieved a few stout tugs at my #8 Purple Peril.This might be a place to check out.
Anyway, take care and I'll seed ya'll out there tommorrow