lenore next weekend

anyone been out that way lately? it seems that the same old chironomid rigs are still slaying them but im sure that that cannot last forever. any info would be appreciated. we were thinking of staying at soap lake inn, how close is that to lenore? anyone have any experiences with soap lake inn?

Hi Sean:
Soap Lake Inn is a nice place to stay, especially if you bring your wife. For fish camp Tolo Vista is the best. From 5-10 mi., depending on which end of lake you're fishing. Most action is on N. end for "would be" spawners this time of year. Better fish can be had on other parts of the lake and avoid the "Hog Lines".
I was out there yesterday. I opted to go to Rocky Ford as there were TONS of people at the north end, and really for the most part not that many fish being caught.

Good luck...
what do i know, im just a stupid kid

this will be the first time fishing lenore for both my dad and i. when you say most of the action is concentrated on the north end, does that mean that is where the majority of the fish are concentrated or just where the majority of the fisherman are? besides dunking chiros, are there other effective methods? im not much of a chiromonid fisherman so i was looking to get around that, but if it is whats gonna get me hooked up with some lahontans than im all for it. thanks!

Hi Sean:
Most of the fish seem to be concentrated up there. I just got back from there, didn't fish but was just looking around. Seemed to be pretty slow this afternoon with about 30 or so fishing and very few hookups, a lot slower than last week. Drop me an e-mail if you like, you can avoid the crowds and should get into some nice fish.
what do i know, im just a stupid kid

thats so funny. it seems like the story of my life, always a little too late. a friend of my dads reported a 30 fish day last week with nothing smaller than 20in, all on chiros, so we get all pumped to go an then it slows down. its so funny how it always seems to work out like that. oh well. I had another question. are there any lakes/streams on the way or close to lenore that can be fished from shore effectively. just curious, its always good to have some sort of back up plan if lenore goes south on us. thansk for all the information guys!

Rocky Ford is about 15 mins away, and although it can be frustrating at times, it usually is fairly productive. Your avg fish will run you 14-19 inches or there about...


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I have only fished Lenore once which was a couple weeks ago. I did not go clear to the North end to avoid the "crowd". I only had a couple hours to kill, so I put in around the middle of the lake. I used an intermediate sink fished with seal buggers. I hooked 2, and didn't land either. Had one right up to my net, but a last effort head shake launched the hook. Very large fish - I would guess both were over 20".

If you're not fond of fishing chironomids I would suggest wooly buggers, and I think you'll do fine. Good luck!!


hey we got the same intials! does your middle name start with "L" though? anyways, are damsels and dragonfly nymphs something i should consider fishing? fishing chiros (with my fly rod) just went out the window as my floating line system just went T.U. damn!!! i figured dragonfly nymphs are about the biggest insect that would be in the lake and a cutt just might feel like eating one dragonfly as opposed to 20 chiros, it also doesnt hurt that stripping dragons and damsels is my favorite way to fish. just thinking (probably too much). ouch, my brain hurts...

A guy I was fishing by was having some success with damselfly nymphs. You could probably do fine with them. If you are there on the weekend, be prepared for combat conditions. One the the bank fishers (like myself) actually lost his temper at the guys in tubes and pontoons. He thought they were in too tight against the bank. (They were within casting range, but as I was catching fish, I didn't mind all that much!) I had never seen a fly guy lose it, but I guess that's what 30 guys fishing an area the size of a large pool will do to you.

Best of luck.

Just go do it. Just because some people say it is slowing down doesn't mean you won't catch fish. Even if it is slow at Lenore, you will always catch some fish if you put in the time. Thats nice country over there and I'm sure you would rather be fishing then sitting on around the house.
Good Luck,
good call brian. ill be there rain or shine and hopefully with a few fish to hand. although just one would make the trip. thanks for the info guys.
Hey Sean,

Here's the same thing I wrote to Mac about that area. Looks like he'll be staying at the same place this weekend. When I drove past Lenore on Friday Evenning and Saturday morning there seemed to be alot of people out and about. but some guys at the inn said they did really well all day long.


Even the cheaper single-bed rooms have a comfortable couch so you don't have to bunk up with pops.

what do i know, im just a stupid kid

thats got to be one of the prettiest bows ive ever seen. jeez...what a fish. i would of had the goofiest grin on my face if that was me holding that beauty, i geuss thats why i never catch any like that. nobody wants to see me with a goofy grin, i am goofy enough as is. nice fish man!!!!