The Great Pontoon Picture thread!!!!


"Chasing Riseforms"
Outcast 9'----I ran it thru the "Oxbow" on the Hoh 4 years ago when I was a young 55. Of course I prayed first. Not sure I would do it again...


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The Slough Buggy, it's great for hauling my cooler 'round the flats.
The rest of the time it's floating rivers and cruising for bass and trouts on the local ponds.


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Outcast PAC 1200. Super light, hangs in garage ceiling upside down on rack, fits in the back of my pickup, can launch and take out at bridges, with little or no ramp.
Looks like a Dave Scadden Skykomish Sunrise
Correct, with the X7 frames (longer standing platform). I'm working on extending the frame in front of the oarsman for 2nd person in moving water. Need to add D rings so I can move the oarsman back to balance it out. The set-up with the grandson on the back is ok for little people and stillwaters only (I moved the frame back 6 more inches as well on that to trim out the boat. It's needed when adding a 35 lb. battery & 65 lb. passenger).