Bahamas out islands, boner bonanza!


It took a few days to hit me after I got home (last sunday) just how good a bonefishing trip I just had. I spent 6 days fishing with Anil in the southern Bahamas, never before have I had such a phenominal trip in terms of size and numbers of bonefish. We couldn't ask for much better fishing despite high winds and a few rain squalls.

Our lodging was ideal, a small house right on the water, a front door to the ocean. We had a guide from 5am until 3pm, then spent evenings fishing right in front of our cabin. We only saw 1 other foriegner the whole trip, and NO other fishermen.

I could write for hours about the experience, but instead I'll let some pictures do the talking.


Richard E

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Awesome pics! Where specifically in the Bahamas? A buddy of mine is heading to So. Andros for his first time. Do you have any recommendations for patterns, or any other hints and tips that I can pass on to him?

Thanks for sharing!
Wow! Great Pictures! What kind of camera were you using? Looks like a great time - What I wouldn't give to be somewhere warm and fishy right now..


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Unless you where passing the same two fish around i'd say you slayed'm!
So why did it take you so long to discover how well you did? It sound like you had a trip of a life time!
Excellent pics....made this 34F day seem a tad warmer. What rod and reels were you guys using? How long did you have to cast to hook those bonefish?


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In answer to a few of the questions posted:
Richard: Neither Ibn or I can remember exactly where in The Bahamas this was!?!?
Alpine: We’ve never felt closer.
Happy: Most of the fishing was done while wading the flats with and without a guide.
Brookie: The annoying answer that I always give is that you have to cast as far as the Bonefish are.
Typically this means casts of 30’-60’. But make no mistake I don’t know anyone who is a ‘good enough’ caster to fish for bonefish. I’ve seen numerous excellent casters, blow numerous opportunities. EVERYONE who is planning a bonefishing trip will benefit from as much practice (and if necessary) instruction as they can get. You will enjoy yourself more and catch more fish if you are a competent caster.
Having said all that, don’t let your ability stop you. Since you will never be good enough, you might as well go anyway.


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Awesome! I just bought the Bahama's Flyfishing Guide recently and need to go somewhere tropical soon! Nice pic's there! :thumb: