Tying desk

not enough room on a roll top for my tastes, kodiak or spanishfly have the right idea.

you need space, with a large top you can set-up 2 vises, one for tubes/wadds/strings and one for hook only fly.

i use a huge workbench with peg-board on the wall to hold materials, works very nicely. even have a laptop on bench in case i need to research/reference a tie or order materials.
here's mine in the man cave, found it at fred meyers listed as a hobby desk. Drawers come with dividers that you can remove and the bottom drawers have hanging file folders that i can organize hackles and the likes. Not that expensive and pretty descent.


What a cool topic. It is always nice to see what others work areas look like. Here is mine. It does not get used as often as I would like, but someday it will. I hafve be spending more and more time at the vise lately.


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Absolutely jealous. my dest is a tool box that has to hold everything, and a kitchen table. Talk about a pain in the arse. Someday I might be as lucky as you guys.
I have looked a good number of desks by various mfg's.
My biggest negative always seems to be the depth of the drawers is way too small for serious holding capacity. In particular, the ones on the upper portion of them.
roll top desk for sure. Makes the wife happy.....and the cats are safe too. after the cat tried to eat the last wolly bugger.... it was time for a roll top desk. Got a good price off of craigslist.

I miss that wolly bugger. :)