NFR Seahawks

got a bit dicey there at the end of the 3rd/beginning of the the 4th, but big stop by the D after the butchered kickoff return really saved the day. If the Skins score a TD there, who knows where this game would have went.

Great INT return by Trufant too..


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Very good game. The hawks came on strong, bobbled enough to give some suspense and excitement, then stomped them for the win.


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Quote: "Who was talkin Smack, Jeff?"

Oh, no-one in particular. It was just my message out to all those that I had to listen to over the last few days tell me how bad Seattle was going to get crushed. One guy even bet my buddy Chris, $50 that the Redskins would win by 10 points.

The smack talk is not over. Now I am hearing it about how the Packers will send us "packing" back to Seattle. But I will not waiver, I believe! I AM A HAWKS FAN, WIN or LOSE, Sane or Loony as a June bug! Thank-you, thank-you very much, AND Goodnight.


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That was a sweet game. my sister is friends with some lady who's husband is the head ticket salesman for the Redskins so he sent her 4 tix to the game and pregame field passes. I ended up going to the game with my folks and my brother in law. The seats were way up there, but I had some binocs and we were under cover. Anyhow the pregame field passes were sweet!!! We got them from a redskins guy though so we had to stay on their side of the field, but it was still awesome. I took some pics with Mark Rypien and he showed me his super bowl rings even though we were all decked out in our Seattle gear!! He was a real class act. Got to see TJ Howdoyouspellhisname doing the pregame down on the field. It was great!!