NFR Seahawks

Nick Riggs

I've been known to fish from time to time...
Maybe this time when we make it to the Super Bowl the refs won't hand the game to the other team, for a change.


Erich with an H -Top Water Soldier-
Wasn't that last time the only ever 'unnecessary roughness' call made AGAINST a quarterback? Really Hasslebeck hurt the little DB that caught his pass! C'mon. 3 TDs called back too! No love for Seattle, we don't make enough money for the league.


B.O.H.I.C.A. bend over here it comes again
I'm calling it right now, Shaun Alexander #37 is gonna have a huge game against the Green Bay (fudge) Packers. Here is my reasoning
1.) He's healthier than he's been all year
2.) Weaver is a stud of a fullback will help block
3.) Mo Mo is running well and the Packers are gonna prepare for him.
4.) The whole year Alexander has been setting teams up for the playoffs. He's been running soft all year and when he comes out Saturday he's gonna run into and over people instead of falling down like he's done all year! It was all a set up and it's gonna catch the Cheeseheads completely off guard.

At least I hope that's the way it's gonna go, and if it is I'll look like a genuis!