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"Chasing Riseforms"
Nice job Jeff. We should get together sometime. I was out today in the drizzle as you were yesterday and beached about 9 fish also. I'm at Seabeck. I'll trade you your sculpin pattern for my Kilowatt Red. :)


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Right on, Larry. Let's do it. I can't ever get enough cool sculpin patterns. PM me if you want to hook up with my crew and we can wreck some havoc on the cutts. Jeff
Hey larry, i have been to seabeck before but never really looked around for fishing spots. Is there a public access around there, i know there is a boat launch and stuff, at least i thought there was.


Mike Etgen

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Speaking of Hood Canal beach fishing for sea-runs, has anyone fished, or is anyone familiar, with the Rendsland Creek area? It's near the end of the North Shore Road out of Belfair; there's a little park there, walk-in access. I've fished it about three times with no luck whatsoever, but it looks like it should be fishy. However, I've never seen anyone else fishing out there.

I believe there is a small run of chum and also some coho when the creek starts to carry water in the fall. It seems to dry up in the dry months.

The last time I was there, in fall 2006, I saw numerous seals out about 100 to 150 yards, and there were coho staging to run the creek. It actually broke through to the salt water that day and it was amazing how quickly it filled with salmon.

Surely there have to be some sea-runs there from time to time... :confused:

By the way...nice report and nice fish, Jeff and Mike.:thumb:
Ok with some of my own research i answered an easy question. I looked at scenic beach description but it says its closed from flooding. I was wondering if this has changed at all.


"Chasing Riseforms"
Ok with some of my own research i answered an easy question. I looked at scenic beach description but it says its closed from flooding. I was wondering if this has changed at all.

The park is open. In fact I have never fished there, but I stopped there the other day and it surely should have cutts along there. I just haven't had time to hit it. Go give it a try before I do!
Well decided to head out to try and find src with no luck. Started out at kingston area beach. Talked to a guy sitting in his car said he had seen people pull 18 to 20 inchers off beach before. He said they were using worms i guess. I didnt comment on that. But got in water and couldnt make it past muddy nasty water.

We left then went up to salsbury to see the water quality. We saw about 4 fly guys fishin around but with the beach not being very big we just kind watched for little see if they had any luck, didnt want to wedge us all in there. Didnt see anything there really so we headed to kitsap memorial cause the beach has all the signs of cutthroat and there is a creek right by but that part seems to be private. The water was up to seawall already so no luck there.

We then wanted to scope out a new area at scenic beach in seabeck. Again water to high but all the signs. All in all didnt get to wet fly much but we will just have to wait till the tides are more cooperative.

Anyone have any other experiences up by seabeck. ?

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Correct - That creek is dry much of the year in it's lower reaches. I'm sure there are some SRC around the estuary, but much of the year there is no overland flow from the stream. That's not uncommon along the canal.

Still, there is a good run of chums up there when it is running in the fall, and some coho in the system as you saw. I'm just saying this is an unusual system with unusual timing due to the patchy nature of the flow and it may not fit the usual assumptions (which means there may be unique opportinities as well). Regardless, there are SRC everywhere along that area of the canal.
Yea we should have but, all we had was our 8wts and we were just watchin and talkin about taking boat out today for blackmouth.....that didnt happen. :(

Well anyways how was fishing. I have been there many times but still no luck. Hope to see you there again.
I went and tried eglon around kingston other day but that water gets muddy real fast i figured out. I think im gonna head out there prolly mon or tuesday because tomrrow gotta watch game and then sunday think me and dad are gonna take boat out for some blackmouth.

Ill tell you all how it goes.
Well i went out to eglon cause it was just such a nice day....still freezing though cause of wind. I worked up and down beach and actually saw one jump. But no luck :( Also i hit my colddd red ears with a clouser with i-balz on it and i flailed around like a little girl out in water but all in all it was very nice to actually see the sun out.


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thanks a lot for the pix Jeff.
it does one good sometimes even to see someone elses fish.
much appreciated!
p.s. have you given that Teton reel a good work-out yet??