Sage Spey for Sale

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I think if he wanted your help pricing the rod, he probably would have asked. If you want the rod and don't like the price, you should make him an offer or leave it alone. Deleting your posts would be the reasonable thing to do.

Jergens, sorry for the hijack, good luck with the sale.



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this is a classic, in the same realm as the 8150. i love this both of these rods. they are the real mccoy in terms of what a spey rod should feel like.
Dont you think $350 for a sage that belongs in a museum is a bit much? A used z axis is about $500 and the series before that about $350. $150 a little lowball, maybe $250? I bet at all the shops they sold for that much at clearance a gazillion years ago.
Nope! Mine was a Sage authourized clearance because of the green color screwup and short grips. They were reduced from $5xx something to $350 or $325. I don't remember.

I checked it out at Sage and got the story straight from the horses mouth. The traditional series were supposed to have the same coloration as the SP's. While the faster action Euro series was to wear the same colors as the XP's. It was just an association thing.

Not to say you couldn't get it cheaper. If you were at the right place, at the right time, when the new models were being relaleased, and the rep dumped all of last years demo's.

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God. I always wish I had a couple hundred bucks sitting around. I'm gonna have more rods than I know what to do with when I am no longer a student
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