Dry Falls outing, clave, whatever

Sounds like a good opportunity to meet some people and learn something new. I am very new to fly fishing. I have been out about 4 or 5 times for Steelhead (no luck), and about the same on the Yakima (again, no luck yet). I have yet to do any Lake fishing, but from what I've read here it is a good time. I'd like to get out there on Friday night. I would be leaving Seattle around 5 pm and I am not sure what it will take timewise.

On to the serious questions.

Any recommendations on a decent waterproof tent?

I have a 6 wt. with WF floating line and an 8 wt. with Rio Versatip. I am guessing the 6 wt.? Do I need sinking line for lakes or are sinking tips OK? And what would you recommend as far as this.

What types of flies should I have with me? I am pretty set up with dry flies and nymphs. I have no idea what chironomids are, but I am guessing that may be in the answer.

And for my final question (promise), I assume I need some sort of floating device. I have read many of the recommendations here and will look into those if the answer is yes. I have regular breathable waders. Are these OK for floating or do you recommend neoprenes?

Thanks for any input.

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I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

From Seattle to Coulee City(closest place to Dry Falls) is 208 miles or about 4 hours driving if you drive slow in a Honda. And yes you can use a boat in that lake it is only Selective games rules. What ever that means.;) I will see most of you on Friday,that way I can have a few and then go to sleep.:smokin :thumb



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Being from Spokane, I cant tell you exactly how long it will take, but old man Jim above said about 4 hours from Seattle. We will be camped in the State park near Coulee City. Look forward to meeting up with you.

Tent: I have a Mountain Hardware that I love, with the exception that it is fairly small inside, but great for backcountry outings cause it only weighs like 6 pounds?? Do a search from this website and you will find quite a bit about tents in the archives :thumb.

6wt should be just fine...bring all your lines in the 6wt cause you dont know what your gonna need till you find where the fish are :dunno

Flies: everyone says chironomids....I personally do not enjoy chiro fishing so I will be casting some boatmen, some scuds, some bead headed wolly buggers, and of course some dries if all goes well??

Floating device = YES

Good luck and hope to see you there friday :beer2

~Patrick ><>


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So Whitey comes over to my house last night to inspect my new pontoon boat and pretty soon he is tying flies at my desk. You should have seen the freaky Chironomids he was tying up. If he catches a fish with his "chironoporker" then he truly will be the king. He claims it will be the killer fly at dry falls.



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I've got a bunch of Chironomid patterns I'll be bringing and everyone, don't forget your Jim Beams!!! You know Darce knows that lake. Mine are in 10's and 12's.

I'll probably also bring several boats and tubes for those without them.

Breathables are OK as long as you can layer under them as needed for water temps.


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The Livingston is fine, just realize the put in is kinda mucky for stepping into a boat, but that's what hoses in the front yard are for.


Good things come to those who wade...

well fellas ive managed to wiggle some appt.'s around and make myself available earlier on fri about 2pm so i guess i will see ya guys there fri night! yee ha:thumb --bhudda anyone leaving from seattle?
Looks like we'll be in around 5:00pm Friday. So I'll probably sit in my camp chair and watch the staff, parlour maids, rod bearers and possibly some of my son's girl friends set up camp.

I'll bring an extra float tube and fin (not a pair, but that's a story best told around a campfire) Haven't seen it mentioned, but maybe we should all throw in a couple of chunks of fire wood - smoores over propane are so tacky.

Anyone hear from Sparse?


Looks like I won't be showing up until Saturday night, and will probably be around to drink beer and not go fishing at Dry Falls on Sunday. But you never know..

What I do know is Whitey and I will both have all of our tying crap and will be tying flies. This is a good opportunity to learn. I suggest that people bring their vices and tools. We'll bring the material.


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Since I promised all you s.o.b.'s some flies, I am currently on a fly tying binge. I'm whipping out some good lake patterns, chironomids, Hale bopp's, and some leeches. I hope you all enjoy them.

I want to let you all know that Sparse is a great tyer, he kicks my butt. His selection of materials is extensive, he pretty much has everything a shop has at all times. Thier is nothing we can't whip up if the need arrises. I would take him up on his offer to show us a thing or two. bring a vise and some tools and maybe some hooks too. Should be a hoot!!!:thumb YT:beer2
well along the sames lines of sharing, Mac I will looking the back of the fridge for some of that Christmas Ham. It is probably a little green and furry but it is all yours.

I just got a kitchen pass for friday night, I will be there sometime around 10ish, I'll be in the white Dodge "Dy"Nasty.
Hopefully it sleeps better than the Paseo

Pat, it is not someone breaking into your truck, its just me saying hello}(

Does anyone need me to bring anything? Is everyone staying at the state park on friday?




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:rofl :rofl :rofl ...that was just tooooo funny. Im sure we will still be up when you roll in so need to worry this time :p

Just please no lessons on tying anything that contains a bunny leech....

I got some wood for the fire.

SHARING??? We share here on wff.com??? Thats news to me??? I thought we (YOU ALL) were just a bunch of snobbish westsiders that had sooo much information but nothing you were willing to share.....JOKING OF COURSE!!!!

~Patrick ><>