Dry Falls outing, clave, whatever

So exactly how many State Parks are we going to be at? Looks like a few may be hiding at those parks up on Banks lake. Are we going to have a meeting spot or just wear our patches. Speaking of which, I don't have a patch. Is anyone bringing patches? I hope to be fishing before lunch on Friday in my new pontoon boat. I'll slap down the cash for my spot with ranger rick at Sun Lakes and then mark my spot with urine on the post or some such device you will recognize. Pitch a tent, but leave me a spot to park. And I don't want no beer cans and smores all over my campsite.

BTW Whitey, you better be tying your ass off. I don't have no stinking trout flies. If you don't have enough, I'm taking your vest, but I'll leave ya your PFD because I like you and think your special.


"Everyday that you wake up and decide not to go fishing...is one less day you'll go fishing." Forrest Maxwell


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No worries matt, I am currently getting real creative with some Chironomids. Got about a dozen or so today. So Matt, You have no trout fies? :dunno Actually, I'm not suprised, I always knew you were a steelhead elitist!;) If you steal my vest, I'm gonna grab your new sage 5120 spey and take off! BTW, I hope I get to demo that puppy, every time I hit a flyshop, they a plum out. That 5120 is selling like hotcakes!

YT's ride=95 Toyota 4runner. red. look for it.:smokin

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I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

I hope you don't think that you will learn anything from me. I'm just an old dumb wetsider. Actually of all the years that I've been fly fishing I've only fished stillwater about 6 times so this type of fishing is totally new to me. I just like skinny water.:beer1 :smokin . I have no idea why I use these icons as I don't smoke and I never drink unless I'm alone or with somebody.:dunno .

Jim :thumb


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Good God, THIS sounds like a party! Where there is a party, there is beer, where there is beer.....well there is always not enough!


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:rofl Im not sure that you would want to take YT's vest.....you dont know whats living up in that thing???

What boat are you gonna be floatin around in Matt?? We should be there shortly after lunch....a matching father and son team with identical fleece's and blue soutfork boats. Theres a story for ya = the old man loves to piss me off so he goes out and buys the EXACT same fleece, EXACT same hat, and then to top it off he buys the EXACT same southfork boat.....dirty sob :+ :+ :+ ...just keep your eyes open for a pair of idiots bitchin at each other in a black gmc. I will understand if you try and hide in the tullys or somewhere else like the other side of the lake when you see us comin.}(

cya all friday

BTW: I think YT has a new thread record...oh mighty yt

~Patrick ><>

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I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

If you see an old fat man out there looking like he doesn't know what he's doing in a bright yellow tube and yelling dirty words that will be me.:bawling. If the tube doesn't get to my house in time I'll be in a Alpine by B/B and it is a teal green. And I will still be swearing.

I am sorry just got back. Would like to see you guys there, but I don't know where you guys are camping can you tell me where you will be.
Thanks Tony Knell

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I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

Sun Lakes state park. Just find the unruly crowd.

And Patrick I can't sleep,going on 26 hours now.



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You guys are killing me! If Gknell is going to be there we won't stop laughing! I am laughing already. Between Gknell, Bart and OldMan it will surely be a historic event! I wish Sparsy could be there on friday night.

Wait, why isn't BOBLAWLESS going to be there? I want Boblawless!!!!!!!!!!

I need to take a poll: Since Whitey is going to be driving, and he packs so much shiz into his 4 runner, and I will probably have to choose between the Famous "red pants" or the Sheepskin, Which should I choose?

Thanks for the help. I am totally at a loss as to what I should do!

Weather looks good, truck is loaded, I'm outta here. I will be heading over to the state park today, leaving in about 5 minutes. Will be there through Sunday. Looking forward to meeting everyone. I'm driving a green 95 Tacoma, with a roof rack, WaterSkeeter pontoon boat, grey/blue REI dome tent. Anyone that can come over early look me up. Don't worry, I probably won't catch all the fish before Friday. Just scare them with some poorly tied flies.


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Which one???

Yeah if I don't let Whitey crash in my tent he might sleep under the stars and become waaaay too rugged for all of us. As long as he doesn't bring along his "tent partner" Alexandria.

I think I'll try to bring both but we'll just have to see.