Swap SRC salt fly swap

I'm not sure why I've hesitated, but I've been wanting to do this swap for awhile. It's the first one I've hosted, so bear with me if you're interested in participating. I'd love to see an array of patterns that people have used successfully in their searun fishing, with one exception. I'm sure we all have plenty of the standard clouser minnow in our box, so none of them please. Beadchain and dumbbell eyes are certainly fine, just not in the standard clouser fashion. I'm thinking around 10 tiers, but I guess I'll wait and see what kind of response this generates. I think my contribution may be an olive over white arctic fox epoxy-head baitfish tube fly. It's worked well for me. Maybe a due date in mid-February?

Ok, here's the roster
1. Ringlee - SRC worm **
2. Zach M. - Epoxy head baitfish **
3. scottflycst - racoon **
4. jonbackman - olive/white baitfish tube **
5. hendersonbaylocal - chum baby **
6. gigharborflyfisher - snot dart **
7. slippery whippet - baitfish **
8. Dinker - pink shrimp **
9. dryflylarry - kilowatt red **
10. D3Smartie - snot dart tube fly **

* address PM'd
** received flies
Great, we've got two more. I'm thinking a mid-February due date. Maybe the 15th? Let me know how this would work for people. I'd also like to give this a couple more days to see if we can pick up any more tiers.
So I'm new to this fly swapping thing. I enjoy the heck out of tying flies and am always looking for new patterns and such. I have a fun little pink shrimp that I could throw in the mix. It's not as pretty as some of the shrimp patterns I've seen on WFF, but I like it. Count me in.