Spey rod deal... or not?

This may incite a riot, but hopefully not...

I just picked up the paper and noticed a large and new to the area retailer in Lacey has Redington RS3 spey rods advertised for $99. I have flirted with the idea of 'spey-ing' for awhile, but have not taken the plunge. At that price, I just might. Any thoughts? I'm asking about the rod, not the retailer.

Will Atlas

obviously 99 dollars is not much of a risk. If cost was a barrier to entry before with the number of affordable rods on the market it seems like you probably just werent that interested. Spey fishing is fun, but learning to cast and fish effectively with a spey rod is a time commitment that, in my opinion too few people are prepared to undertake when they purchase a spey rod. That being said, even if the rod isnt great you only paid 100 bucks for it so why not try it. I haven't heard much about reddington spey rods. Might not mean a thing, or it might mean they're pretty mediocre.

I just checked their website though and it doesnt look like they make an RS3 spey rod.



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Just about ANY rod at $99 is worth it, especially in the spey arena where you could walk into a shop with $300 and come out with just the butt section of a high-end spey rod.

The RS3 is a discontinued model, they are blowing 'em out everywhere for 99-129 bucks.

Go for it.

Googled the net and couln't find anything cheaper than $249, so that's a sweet deal. Let us know sizes and get me a phone number and I'll try to get one shipped all the way back here.


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I'd be curious to see if it wasn't a misprint. The singlehanded RS3 rods seem to be getting clearance priced at $99-129ish on their website. They don't even list the spey rods and other sites are still selling them $250-300.


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Discontinued? Must be a reason for that. A $99 rod will more than likely perform like a $99 dolor rod. Yes it might get the job done but if your are interested in learning how to cast a double handed rod you need to do a little leg work first. But then it sounds like that is what you are doing. You don’t have to spend a grand on a rod but you do need to select the proper equipment if you want to have a positive experience. Learning how to cast the long rod is not easy especially when your equipment is poorly designed or miss matched. Don’t waist you money.


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The RS3 is a wonderful single handed rod in its performance category. I can't imagine the spey is that awful, especially for $99.00. Jump on it.
They retailed for $345 and they are on clearance for $100 off at most places I can find. So $99 is a pretty amazing deal. If you don't like it you can most likely sell it for 100-150. So it's definitely worth a try.


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The RS3 2-handed (spey) rods are very good, very nice casting, medium-fast, medium stiff rods. They were discontinued not because they were bad or anything was wrong with them. They were discontinued simply because they have been replaced with a better, more refined series. However, the difference between the RS3's and their new replacement is minimal.

$99.00 is a great buy (they retailed for $349.00) for a very good rod. At this price, you'd be able to get two of them, a heavy line for winter and a light line for summer. Those of you who know who Simon Gawesworth is may have seen him use a Redington RS3 in casting demos at a show or spey gathering. In other words, if they are good enough for one of the best and best known spey casting instructors, they are good rods.
I agree with FT . I have cast a couple of RS3`s and thought they compared favorably with some other (much) higher priced rods I own or have used . In fact , I thought they were a bargain at $349.00 .


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I got the same flier the other day and just read the ad last night. 13' 7 wt and 14' 8 or 9 wt I believe. I haven't cast either rod, but did get to wiggle the 14'er that a friend won last winter. Seemed OK in that regard, and for $99 it would be hard to lose.

These specials are for the store's grand opening extravaganza, so I'm not sure if the prices are good just during the 4 day event or not. I'll re-read it tonight.

I picked up the 7 wt 13"3". Cabelas only charged $90 + tax. Too good to pass up. I snapped my Sage rod in half on Wed. This rod will be my backup in the truck so I don't drive 2 hours to fish 5 minutes again.


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I got there in mid afternoon. The 7 wt were all gone by lunch according to a friend I ran into who works there. There were still about a half dozen of the 14' 9" 9 wts.

Had a couple of you men stop by the Day On the River today to try a couple of lines off the Lind Pool on their newly purchased R3’s.

I got chance to cast both the 14ft 9 wt and 14 ft 7 wt and I am probably shooing my self in the foot :beathead:but they were not bad casting rods.
Put them through every thing including the 125 degree single Spey and they pasted.
So if you want good rod for very very very little money I would say get one.