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If folks are concern about the impacts of the bass on the trout population a couple things should be kept in mind. One it is virtually impossible to fish a bass population out once they are extablished.
Step one: Collect (electro shock) endemic trout, set aside
Step two: Rotenone like it's doomsday
Step three: Replace endemic fish
Step four: wash, rinse and repeat as needed

Serioulsy I know there is like a 0% chance of bass staying gone even if you nuke the lake. Bass are fun, I just wish the WalMart crowd (yeah I said what) would chill on dumping them in every stinking puddle they find. Bass aren't THAT great.


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Give Lake Alice a try...I fished it a handful of times last summer, had some good days out there. Mostly dinks, but I did pretty well with a red/orange/yellow popper - even mid day. Topwater bass is topwater bass.

Wont be really good until it starts warming up, June or July probably.

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Thanks for the link, Curt. Thanks also for answering my question that I was about to ask concerning the impact of bass populations on the trout in our local lakes. I had always wondered if the larger bass' predation on the smaller trout was a big factor. Now i don't have to worry about that as much. I'll start keeping a couple of small ones if I get 'em. At what size range does the competition for food with juvenile trout begin not to be a problem?
I've caught mainly a lot of 6" to 8" little guys the few times i've targeted them.
Their filets should fry up to taste pretty good as an appetizer. :beer1:


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reviving an old old thread...

before fly fishing, I extensively did bass fishing during the summer seasons.

most W.Washington lakes will hold largemouth, while the biggers ones have smallmouth. not big, but almost every lake has a population of em. Some bass lakes to note:

Pine Lake - spring and summer time, when the lake opens up, this lake is bass crazy. This lake holds a ton of smallmouth and largemouth and 5lb+ is not a rarity. The left cove from the launch is fairly low water (literally 1-5ft) and is a great holding spot for spawning bass.

Sawyer, Wilderness, Fenwick, and lakes around the area - the renton/kent area as well as most lakes in Fed Way hold some giant bass. During spring season, I used to catch literally 20 fish in a single outing of a few hours. 3-5lbers are fairly common.

Haller Lake - i discovered this small lake near Carkeek while I was driving back from the beach one day. Decided to dunk my float in and see how it is. You can literally cover the entire lake in a matter of few hours and holds some very nice bass. Perch and planted trout are pretty common too.

Lake WA, Sammaish - both are probably prime location for huge largemouth and smallmouth. I was once jogging along Seward Park and watched a few guys fishing near a big bush. I went to check it out and noticed there were 4 giant smallmouth spawning. Likewise, if you are near UW, hang out around the Arboretum area and you'll find a number of largemouth and smallmouth cruising along the shore line.

I can name all the lakes I've fished for bass but like I said, most W.WA lakes will hold bass and have a decent population of 3lb+ ones.

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There is a hand full of great lakes in Skagit county, and even some fairly large fish at that.

Beaver Lake
Clear Lake
Mud lake

These lakes are all accesible with belly boat or pontoon, and about 5 miutes of eachother... Beaver lake produces a few fish right around the 8 pound mark every year.

Grandy Lake

Has a lot of fish, a lot of 1 pounders. Also if you go here...throw a crawdad trap or two out as you will have a nice feast in an hour.

These are the ones I fish the most. There are many more but some are a little to large for belly boat...Also, I know an awesome hike in lake that it is not much of a hike that produces very well, but it is my "secret" spot. I will give you info but you have to pm me...:thumb:

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Sorry if it is to old of a topic. I seen it was replied on a week ago or so, and had some info to add i guess. Just bored in the winter months, and need something to do....ptyd
I know you this is a very old topic.
Anyone in south Kitsap want to help me with fly fishing for bass?
I have a boat. And I’ve fly fished for trout many years. I have also been bass fishing some. Just looking for someone to fish with and show me where to go.

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More people think bass are better than trout than think trout are better than bass. But if the bass are there illegally they should be gotten rid of.. i agree. Now can we apply this principle more broadly?