January trout fishing.

John Hicks

Owner and operator of Sea Run Pursuits
A friend of mine just finished up med school and is making his rounds interviewing for residencies. In his travels he was interviewing at Duke so I told him to take an extra day to hit the water with me. It is pretty amazing that he even went to med school since he broke his neck in '96. He isn't exactly the most mobile person on the planet anymore, as a matter of fact he looks pretty drunk when he walks. He wanted to go fishing while he was here so him and I went out with Jeb Hall at DRO, for a day of fishing. The water temps were 34 and holding. Brrrr is all I have to say. We met Jeb at the shop at 10 o'clock and headed to the water. Jeb was awesome he stayed with Aaron all day and helped him wade through the water. I was really worried about Aaron taking a swim in the cold water but Jeb was right there all day. We decided to fish a section of the DRO water that was fairly easy to wade.

Aaron's casting isn't a thing of beauty either but with a little instruction he was rolling out some nice casts in no time. It wasn't long and Aaron was picking up fish. In all he landed five fish and LDR'ed several more.

We had a great day with only one dunk all day. Aaron was getting pretty tired and took a swim. Luckily he was wearing a set of neoprenes I had and his coat was over them. Very little water got inside his waders. After pulling a layer of soaked down off Aaron was ready to fish some more. I have the utmost respect for that man. He has faced adversity and carried on.

Here are some pics of the day.

Doing work for the navy.I am heading to bremerton and am looking for streams like the pictures i just saw to steelhead fish can I get some more information I am Not afraid of traveling. And even a little bigger rivers Just want to wade and catch steel :beer2:

PS giong on the 10 of feb 2008 to the Mar 1:ray1: