5th Olympic Peninsula Fly Expo Sat March 22


a.k.a. Griswald
I will see you there Bob.

I goto this show over the "big one" as I believe it is very true to our passion...and I really enjoy it.

That said, the Bellevue show is a nice one too, and I am not knocking it.

Great event, small and friendly, you get to meet the area experts up close and personal, last year the TFO rep was there and you could try out anyone of their sticks. I highly recommend this show. See you in March..............Jim
I went to this show last year, and I went to the Bellevue show yesterday. I prefer the smaller of the two. The atmoshpere is pleasant and feels more like a big meeting of like-minded fly fisherman than a corporate show. That being said, I attended 2 seminars at the Bellevue show, and they were great, as were the casting demonstrations in the pool. If you have a chance, I'd say hit the O.P. show, it's fun.


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Small, fun, cozy and personal. A good show that is more in touch with the West side of the Sound. I like it.

Bob Triggs

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From the ferry terminal you can walk to the nearest Jefferson Transit bus stop on Simms Way (Water Street) and get a local bus out to the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. If you hoof it - about two miles one way.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Damn. Not going. Today only decent weather day coming up in the next week, as far as the forecast goes. Need it to get some work done. The near-term longer range outlook is for a wet April. I need every sunny day i can grab.bawling: This bites.