North Sound rivers: Sky, N Stilly, Skagit


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Hi amigos! Curious about the outlook for north sound rivers. Last week the coho were in up high on the Stilly and Skagit, and happened upon the first few chum. But most of the rivers were almost blown out and vis was very low. looks like the rain is still comin (good for ski season eh!), but I'm wondering what techniques you guys use when the vis is low. I try to get up high on the rivers, and in the tribs that aren't glacial, but it seems that's obvious- everyone else is there too! Managed to find a nice stretch Saturday and between the 3 of us released a couple nice native coho, a strong hatch steelhead, and a 8+ lb Dollie (no pics bummer). But I think we got lucky. Any tips appreciated as high water and low vis becaome the norm. Good fishin to you- Nailknot

ps: also curious about how you guys get down to the fish when the flow is high and strong? Even type VI doesn't seem to get me where I need to be. Ever use lead?