You know it's a bad winter when....

You WANT to get out and go ice fishing but there is too much snow to get there!

I have cabin fever so bad I can hardly see straight and to top it off, have lots of stress going on right now so could use some quiet time on the water, er, I mean the ice. Doesn't look like it's going to happen for bit. Heavy snow is falling again in the Spokane area. Hell, I have seen more of my snow blower then I have my wife. :mad:
It's been some winter. For a short while, ice fishing came close to being an option for those of us on the west side. Lots of smaller lakes and ponds had a thin coating.

That's all melted now and we're back to the usual rain squalls and wind storms, each one tight on the tail of the other. Rivers have been up and down so much even the old mossback, ice-in-the-guides, steelheaders are grinding their teeth.

This winter, patience is a virtue on both sides of the mountains. And, in the mean time, don't get too cozy with your snow blower. Marriages have failed because of lesser vices.