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I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

i thought that I would like to start a thread on the Dry Fall outing.

Well I got there at about 1 on friday and drove the goat trail to the lake. Saw mattzoid out fishing and hailed him and he came in to tell that the fishing sucked and said to come on out and get skunked like he was getting. I said fine. So I got my new float tube out of my car and proceeded to blow it up.I thought that I had enough air in it but to my no knowlege of float tubes I didn't have it aired up right. Well to get to the point I got suited up and went to try it out. All I got was wet. From there on until I left to come home all of my luck went Murphy's way.

After a 5 hour drive to get there,a unschedled bath, A night of drinking beer,and no sleep I decided to leave as I was getting mad at myself. I have a bad case of insominia and I think it's time to see a sawbones.


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Man has fishing changed at Dry Falls since 1973. I remember my dad making me row the boat and we trolled six packs and scuds all over that lake. I was really trying very hard to get fish to rise to a dry fly. I was hunting this monster that would take hours to roll on the surface. When he hit I missed him. The swallows were sure fooled by the fly. Thought I was going to be able to yell, "SWALLOW ON!" Then I watched the crew from WFF.COM do the Chironomid thing. Man they were making a killing, but I never asked how to do it until I left. I'm going to have to try that again, but I'm almost sure the fish working the suface were bigger than the ones 20 feet down. Had a really great time. Met a lot of really kewl people. Just wish I hadn't needed to leave at 10 on Sat. for work. 380 miles round trip and I was back to work by 3 pm. All sun burnt and stuff. To kewl. When is the next outing?


"Everyday that you wake up and decide not to go fishing...is one less day you'll go fishing." Forrest Maxwell
what do i know, im just a kid

anyone want to meet at lake ki on the 26th (sat)? its an annual thing for me, ill be out there kicking around in my tube along side my dad, c+r fish til i drop. a good friend of our families lives on the lake (the opposite end from the launch in the back of the cove) and we just fish the whole weekend.

there is only gonna be about 10,000 fish put in this year compared to the normal 18,000 so im geussing the crowds will be down a little bit. most people just flock to the lake with the biggest plants or the most triploids.

the fish arent all your typical stockers, it seems like we never fail to hook up big, two years ago i got a 22in and we have caught numerous fish in the 17in range. the only thing that lake is missing is more fly flingers.:thumb


Old Man

Just an Old Man
I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

Yes there will be you and about 1000 other people. thanks but no thanks. I usually try to stay away from all lakes for about two weeks after opening day. That's when all the insane people quit fishing.

Sorry I missed all of the fun guys. I have managed to taer a muscle in my fore arm, where it attaches to the elbow. I can hardly pick upa gallon of milk. SO I figured I would bag the idea. Let me know when the next outing is I wouldlike to meet a bunch of you.



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:bawling :bawling :bawling :p }( }( }( Quit yer whinin

Well it was a blast, with the exception of trying to cast 20 feet of tippet and two flies and a split shot and a strike indicator....that was just not right, but thats how the fish were being caught so I didnt have a choice I guess :dunno . Anyways it was great to get out with the group and meet some new people...just a word to the wise who hasnt met up with anyone who showed: avoid this group at all costs....its not worth it....they will corrupt you and make you go insane!! :+ I even heard that Jim tried to "86" (knock off) Mac and YT by starting his car early in the morning and pointing the exhaust pipe right at the door of their tent...BAD JIM :+ :+ :p :p ....just kiddin. It was a good time and im ready for the next outing. Where is it gonna be this time YT??

Oh ya, you all remember the free flies YT was tying up??? Well he wouldnt give them to anyone.....dirty rotten DAWG!! :p :p

~Patrick ><>