2 different colors when wrapping guides

mike doughty

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always wanted to learn this but never have. if i was at home (washington) i would go down to AATF and get some help but don't have that luxury and don't know any shops around here that teach rod building. is there any easy method that can be explained to me or a video that someone might know of? i have a video by someone garcia that i learned to build from but he didn't cover wrapping with the 2 different colors.


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If all you are wanting to do is simply put a small band (wrap) of a different color at the beginning of your wraps (like in the photo on the right in your post), it couldn't be easier because all you are doing is putting a very short wrap in front of your guide wrap.

Simply 1) start the wrap with the color you wish the small band (called a trim wrap); 2) once you get the number of wraps you wish, start your main wrap colo; and 3) wrap the tag end of the trim wrap under the main wrap color thread a few turns and cut it off. Just keep the tag end of the trim band from continuing to wrap around the rod after you start your main thread color. This will feel ackward at first, but after a few wraps, you will begin to think, "Why did I think it was so complicated or hard."

You can even (if you wish) put single wraps of things like extra fine oval tinsel, metallic thread, another color, etc. within the guide wrap as you make it using the same technique as above used with trim bands.

mike doughty

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hmmmmmmmmm, i think i understand. i guess play with it when i get home. i have 4 rods going at the same time so if i can get this down then i can make them look better. thanks FT for the info. hopefully i can figure it out.