Steelhead Recipes?

All good reciepes but here is one for the heart:
1 cup mayo
1 stick butter
2 tbs. Worshertershire

1 onion sliced

preheat oven to 350
filet both sides of fish(no skin) and put on cookie sheet lined with Al. foil
mix first 3 ingredients and spread a layer over fish. Next comes a layer of onion slices, then the rest of the sauce. Bake for about 30-35 min.

When I first saw this reciepe I was skeptical. It is now one of my very facorite ways to have pink fleshed fish.


~El Pescador
Cilantro Salmon/steelhead

make a foil boat.
Make a bed with the following: olive oil, teaspoon of lime juice, couple tablespoon of white wine (save the rest of the bottle for yourself), some chopped garlic and onion and some cilantro. Place fish on top.
place over coals till cooked thru.
I always remove the skin first.

Always have a another bottle of white as back up.


My recipe above, while tasty with fresh fillets, was developed with frozen fish in mind. Any fillets that have been in the freezer longer than three months, even if vacuum-sealed, will exhibit some degree of freezer burn. The slight kick of the hot oil helps to mask the burn.



Native Trout Fan
Remove head and coat the inside with honey and brown sugar.Don't be stingy slather it on there. Then slice one whole lemon and one whole orange and stuff the cavity with them wrap in tinfoil so it wont leak and bake .The juices from the fruit make such a moist fish,and give it an almost tropical taste . MMmm good.