Wrap Finishing

I'm new at the rod building hobby (3 rods so far) and already hooked. I feel my technique has improved steadily with every rod but the part that fustrates me the most is getting a nice clean even epoxy edge on my thread wraps. Other then "keep practicing" which I know will probably get me there eventually, are there any "tricks" that will get me that "professional look" on finished wraps
P.S. I'm new to your forum but have been reading it for a couple of weeks now. It has already helped me a great deal. Thanks.

Charlie S

Confrimed Reprobate
There are numerous techniques that help. Taped edges, using a lint free cloth that has some thinner added to smooth the edges of spinning finish (not rod drying speed but faster). Many rod building questions can be put up for discussion/questions on http://www.rodbuilding.org/list.php?2. Very helpful site for beginner to advanced rod builder.

Charlie S

Confrimed Reprobate
Taped Edges? Interesting, how long do you wait before removing the tape?

I used to use this technique and pulled the tape off right after applying the finish. I now use a small stirring stick like you get with your coffee at Starbucks and others to put on the finish. Finish is quickly applied with good straight edges and very minimal bubbles. Forgot to add that in my first post, sorry.


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Dumb question here, but are you doing it in two coats? If your trying to do it in one coat, it is a lot more frustrating. The first coat does all the work, while a much thinner second coat evens everything out.

Also, what kind of brush are you using? I get mine from hobby shops where you have a much broader selection of what you might really be comfortable with. I like the thin, tapered end type where you can really get the finish exactly where you want.

Never tried tape, just good lighting, steady arm rests, and take my time.

Put up a picture, lets see how your doing...

I’ve tried all sorts of methods but, the one that worked well for me was using a lint free cloth and alcohol. After I switched from brushes to a hobby spatula and coffee straws I’ve cut down on using the cloth method. In my opinion that’s the best way to apply epoxy.
Thanks all for the great advice. I tried the "Starbucks spatula" method this morning with great success. Learning something new every day.

Tight Lines,
I use a needle to apply my epoxy. Just a regular sewing needle; I dip it in the epoxy and apply the drop to the threads, spread it around, even it out and let it set, rotate and dry.
I think its much easer to get an even coat when you start on your ends and work your way in to the middle. Even on small guides, dip your brush and be firm with it, let that beed roll over the thread. I think some people are just to light with the brush on the edge.

Here is a good example of a clean flex coat.