Puget Sound Fly Fishing site.

Puget Sound Fly Fishing sight.

Mark, I cannot raise it either. It hasn't been updated over the last couple of years, but I used to make frequent reference to it for the great patterns and photo's of marine food. To bad; good site.


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Puget Sound Fly Fishing sight.

The fly pattern archive has been gone for a couple of months, I don't know why, sure miss it though.


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Puget Sound Fly Fishing sight.

That was Chris West's website. Great reference for fly patterns. I'll email someone I know who knows Chris and try to get the scoop if is likely to reappear on the web sometime in the future.

d. rose

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Puget Sound Fly Fishing sight.

Chris is a great friend of mine. He does have plans to get the site going again. I've spoken to him several times about it and he has some great new ideas for the site, and hopes to get even more people involved.

I'm glad to say that since the site was originally released it seems interest for fishing Puget Sound has only increased, so I think it can become a great resource once he gets some time.

Dylan Rose


Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater
Puget Sound Fly Fishing sight.

I talked to your dad at our office a few days ago. I was going to email him to get your contact info and find out about Chris's site. No need now.
Thanks for the update.

Jon Brengan

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Seems to me, the old owner (Nathan Keen) of Avid Angler in Lake Forrest Park, was the originator/monitor of that site. He left a while back and probably the site went with him. I loved that site it was full of information prior to Les Johnson's book. We'll all miss this, great source of info.