Turkey Invite!


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A foreman that I work with invited me over the 'hill's' to the east side for turkey hunting with his family! I'm game, however, I have never been turkey hunting...unless you count nearly sliding into 20 crossing a road outside Petoskey, Michigan!

Anyway, I've got a gun, shells, and that is about it. I've got only upland and duck hunting clothes; which probably won't cut it. Therefore, I'm needing some help from fellow turkey hunters on what best to buy, i.e. camo pattern for Okanogan area, etc.

My biggest fear...which one of these days I'm gonna have to get over is snakes...will they be out in mid April?

Advice on what type of call to get for a beginner? Box, friction, diaphram?

Thanks for your help


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You'll be hooked after calling in your first bird, even if you don't make a harvest. It's addicting. You don't need to go overboard on camo- unless you know specifically the cover you'll be hunting, something to break up your outline and match the general darkness of your surroundings will work. I tend to mix my camo- different pattern on top/bottom. Very important to cover your mug: get a face mask (netting). Keep the bill of your cap pulled down low over your eyes, and DO NOT MOVE. Wear gloves to cover your hands and don't wear white socks. Recommend a box call for starters. I use one in conjunction with a friction call so I can sound different. Easier to control volume on friction call, too. Diaphram calls are great because you don't need your hands, but I got the gag-reflex thing so I can't use them. Also, get a vest that has a comfortable butt cushion. The only way to stay still and patient is if you're comfortable.

Snakes shouldn't be a problem in April. If you see one, DO NOT MOVE!


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Itchy Dog,

Thanks on the advice...I'll have to talk to my friend and see what he recommends with regard to camo pattern, but then again whatever I can find that fits the budget "form follows finance!"

I found a cool boonie hat with built in mask...so I may give that a try. I purchased a Mother vest for deer hunting for my B.I.L...maybe he'll let me borrow that (has the pad you speak of).

As for snakes...if I see one I don't know if I'll be able to stay motionless...I nearly pissed my pants when a huge bull snake in Michigan slithered over my feet and through my legs while fishing. I just can't handle them...they ARE my kryptonite for sure!


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I wouldnt worry too much about snakes. I havent ever seen one while turkey hunting, I have found a lot of ticks though... i hate them worse.
Calls in my opinion don't matter as much as people say. Of all my gobblers, I have not killed one from a calling/ decoy combo. ROOST EM!!! That's the best sure fire way to get up on em.'


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I agree on the tick info.I moved to Spokane from the west side and you really don't understand just how many ticks there are during spring until you get over there.So the toughest part for me is sitting still when I see ticks on me while a bird is coming to you. The east side turkeys are pretty predicable in my experience .If you can scout a flock for a day you'll get an idea where they roost and feed ,if you set up somewhere between your going to see a few birds sooner or later as long as your hidden good enough.Good luck,it is really addicting! I have just hunted the past 3 seasons,but its a blast! P.S. you can get permission to hunt private land from hay farmers a lot easier then deer because turkeys get into their hay looking for grain and ruin it so its worth knocking on a few doors if your running out of time and not seeing anything.