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I'm looking for a lamp to add to my tying station. My eyes are too tired from the dim light! I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I'm looking for one that will light from above the hook and is not humungous! I'm also not wanting to spend a fortune on it either (aka under $100).


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I spent a whopping $10.00 for a light at Big Lots that I feel produces the right amount of light for tying. It's just some cheapie light but it does the trick.
Yeah, I just got a desk lamp at Wal-Mart like ten years ago. There's all the "natural" light, and dedicated fly tying lamps out there, but I like the warmer light of the incandescent light, and it's plenty bright enough to not strain the eyes.
I second the Ott Lights from Jo-Ann Fabric. Also they are always having sales where everything is 40-50% off. You would be surprised how much stuff they have that relates to our sport, Plano boxes, tying material etc. :thumb:
Go with a lamp that uses full natural spectrum bulbs like the Ott light or the Daylight lamp.Both are excellent products with long lasting bulbs.


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The best tying lamps are those that use daylight florescent bulbs like the OTT (which is what I use), Lumalite, or the one Hareline Dubbing markets through its dealers. Hareline Dubbing's sells for about $80.00 and any fly shop that carries Hareline Dubbing products could get one for you.

The reason the daylight florescent ones are best is because they provide light with a light spectrum that is virtually identical to natural sunlight. If you ever tie with one, you will be amazed at how easy on the eyes they are and how much sharp the detail of the fly becomes. Plus, the colors you see are the colors you will see when on the river.

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Fishdontcare made me buy an Ott. He was, er, is right. I am not disappointed in the light at all. My flies on the other hand...works in progress, but I can see them very well.

Ed Call

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Office Max sells a true "full spectrum" florescent lamp for $15 (similar to the OTT light that sells for $75-100). I bought one and love it. Looks like this:

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