31 New / Near-New Rods for Sale

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Eleven rods sold, 27 remain

Of the original list of 38 rods, 11 are sold, leaving 27 available.

List at head of thread updated.

Thank you for you interest.


o mykiss

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I've actually printed this document off and given it to my wife to refute her periodic assertions that I own to much fly fishing gear. :p
The rods belong to my dentist (and friend) of 38+ years, and I can assure you they are all as represented. He is a great guy, and probably got a little obsessed with his rod inventory over the years I think. But he absolutely takes care of his stuff. I think many of them may have not been fished much or at all. He is not much with the internet, so Bob is helping him sell them.
19 sold, 16 remain.

19 sold, 16 remain. Some disappeared?...hmm. The temptation of having a stash of neat strange rods tucked in one's closet?

I borrowed one of the sweet Loomis 3-weights, cast a dry fly and . . .

For a larger, more readily viewable image of "borrowed rod results," click on the thumbnail below.
Man if I had the money I would buy one of those 3 wts so fast! Everytime I check out the classifieds I see this thread and have to check them out again but I always come up short in the money dept.

Here is a free bump for ya though. GL.
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