Chain Lake Report

I headed out to Chain Lake last night on YT's advice. It took me a bit to find the access road since I haven't been out there since high school. Let's just say we weren't there to fish back then }( I got on the water at about dusk and saw no fish rising so I started off with an olive bead head leech that quickly got attacked by something large and got snapped off on a log right by the boat launch. So I tied on another, and that got nailed within 30 seconds, bringing in a 20"+ bow to the crappy caddis boat I have. That was it for the rest of the 15 minutes I stayed there, when my hands went numb and the coffee I drank wanted out in a bad way.

I went back there this morningat about 7am expecting to see some life on the surface, but only saw two risers far out in the middle. I decided to make my way to the left of the boat launch which I believe is the westside where french creek begins. Trolled the whole way with a darker leech.. All through that area were slurping rises. Some from some large fish but mostly recent plants freaking out.

Tried some emergers, no go. Tried black gnats, no go. Tried Olive Spinners, got one little one. Tied on a size 18 adams and couldn't keep'm off it. I ended up bringing in 10 fish (one 18"r) until I finally lost that fly. I tried some chiro action but no color combination (2 fly set-up) seemed to coax any strikes.

I think once the water warms up a bit this will be a hot spot if those kids on the boat launch hauling them in on worms don't clear it out first. :hmmm

Thanks for the heads up Whitey :thumb

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I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

It's nice to here a report like that on a local lake. I haven't fished that lake in about 10 years. Maybe I ought to go back. Maybe I will I fished the Gissburg ponds the last two days Had oodles of hits but couldn't land anything. I tried Rowing and had hits when I switched to fins no hits. Maybe I need a new teacher. You up for it.



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Glad you checked it out. Honestly, I haven't been there in a few years. I'm gonna be do'n this thing in a couple of months with the WDFW where I submit ideas, and they at the least have to consider them. One of my ideas is to make this lake Fly fishing only or at least selective gear rules. All my other ideas are about Salmon and Steelhead. Chain lake has a lot of potential, at least thats my opinion. lots of good bug habitat. I'll let you guys know how it gos. YT:smokin

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Just an Old Man
I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

I don't know if you know it but there are a few other types of fish in that little lake. There's Bass,Pumpkin seed,Perch,and a few others. If you are going to make it fly fishing only I would think that you might want to clean it up just a little. Just a thought. I don't want anybody hating me over this statement.


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Fished Chain Lake last night 5/1/04. There was no real hatch going on. I kept waiting for it but it never materialized. The very occasional rises were to an assortment of bugs struggling on the surface. Some were cripples, some terrestrials, all struggling. I ended up with three nice cutt's. All hooked more or less by accident doing things like spinning around in my tube to see what was behind me or stripping line in very fast to check for debris on the hook. Clearly these three fish liked a fast moving fly. A small muddler brought two out of three. I think a small battery powered emerger that vibrates (struggles) would have been just the ticket. I have fished this lake off and on for many years. It is such a pretty little lake.
I read what you said Whitey about your thought of makin this lake a flyfishing only lake or selective fishery. I have given this a lot of thought. If there are a lot of other fish like perch and bass and blue gills to restrict the fishing can really damage the trout fishery. I have seen this in some other instances. If you take away bait fishing, the perch fishers go away and the lake becomes over run with perch. They eat the food trout eat and the trout diminish. And it goes on and on. I won't get into detail but I think you can see what I am saying. In a lot of cases a mixed fishery is benefitial. The thing that I have seen that improves quality is to restrict limits by either size or number retained.
For what it is worth.
Dave :beer2