Swap Glass Bead Fly Swap

Just thought I'd check in...How's everyone doing?

Unfortunately for me, my taxes have become a priority, so I haven't had a chance to tie any yet...but we have time...
Last week, tied up a few samples of the stone I was planning. None too happy with the results :hmmm: and will keep refining. Deadline is a bit away, so I wasn't going gang busters just yet.
So I know that it doesn't look like spring outside...we're getting close to May. I know...today I had hail on my deck along with sun breaks. Go figure. Just wanted to remind you there is about a month left in the swap...everyone ready???
Finally got a PO Box! So I'll publish my mailing address without too much fear! So here you go!

P.O. Box 2424
Issaquah, WA 98027-0110