Why would I buy an 8 weight for steelhead?

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Well, I don't really know whats going on here because I haven't really read the thread since I last posted, which was on the first page. But I want to say Sickclown, I hope you're not loosing worrying about this threat too much man. Life is way too short! Stressing about some thread on the computer is the least of my worries and I hope I would be the least of yours.

Ethan G.

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Holy crap, dude. People are going to hate you on this site forever. Why don't you just leave and let it all go away?

Chad- Awesome. That sums up my reaction to that as well.

Dave Hartman

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Obviously still hung over from those four consective Buffalo Bills Super Bowl losses..huh? :confused:
Porter, you think this kid is old enough to remember that?

Sickclown, you started out so good, with a legit question and a source. Why'd you have to go all 2nd grade on us? Be a lurker for a while, learn something. Besides, your Scheck hero is not gonna be happy to find that a google search of his name is going to produce this thread for the first 10 hits!

BTW, I LOVE your avatar. A bit schizoid, but very clever. And how many of us actually were clever enough to use our avatar art to insult others? Brilliant and original.
Now take a time out.
Yes, this is awesome. Just read the whole thing! Now i am going to get my 10 wt and go catch some dinky little rocky mountain trout on 20 lb p-line.

Oh by the way I spent two weeks in New York this fall catching steelhead. A 5 wt will work just fine.

Ocean is a mean tough place. I would have to say that any fish that can survive that is OK in my book. Too bad the great lakes fish never get to experience that.

Its funny how all these morons come back to this thread to say it should die. Why would you come back to it then. I wish it would die. Die thread Die. Nobody could learn anything from it anyway, or could they. And if they did learn something, would I care. And if terrorists picked this thread from all the threads in the world and killed everybody who posted on it, would there be a national holiday for us? I think not. All that aside, I'm glad at least three of the people who posted on this site have read a book or claimed to have. I think I'll do some tests of my own on the 5 weight compared to my 8 weight. And I still can't believe only one of the people on this thread even heard of the book. You think the guys at the fly shop are gonna teach you everything. What if you did only need one rod ( just for the people who know how to cast) to fish for little rainbows and steelhead. Do you think the fly shop would tell you, or SIMMS or whatever fly rod company? Give me a break, these people get money by selling this stuff. I know you people want to believe just because they fish they couldn't sell like a salesman, but being a salesman gets to you after a while. Being in buisness gets to you after a while. From trout bum to salesman of the year for the owners of the fly shop. It's real and it happens. Close your minds people. It's over, you'll never learn anything without challenging the establishment. Test things for yourselves. Actually, who cares. At least you think you have big fish. You'll allways have that. I believe that you were told by somebody that you have the biggest strains. Where is the proof? I don't care if it's true, I hope it is. Maybe I'll visit someday and kill all your fish with my 5 weight. Would you shed a tear?
Dude, you are too much. You can't make stuff like this up.
hahahaha this thread is cracking me up. Just too much. I dont even know what to say to this that hasn't already been said. I am just gonna keep laughing and reading. Whats next an 8wt for tuna or marlin. :rofl: :beer1:
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