Oregon Fishing Options??


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I'm going to Portland OR next week on Business, but I will have some free time, so you know I can't leave home without my rods. Honestly, I know little about Oregon, other than the well known waters. I'm getting a crash course with books and whatever else I can get my hands on. I can do whatever: rivers, streams, lakes, salt. Has anybody ever been to Hosmer lake??? I will be searching the net for river conditions, reports, etc. Any good places to start??? If anyone would like to share any info, publicly or privately, I would appreciate it, and will return the favor. Also, what's a license cost?? Thanks.YT:beer2

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Hosmer is a long way from Portland - I'm guessing 3 to 4 hours. Your best bet is the world class trout fishing on the Deschutes. You could be in the water in 2 hours.

Fish up and down stream from where the Mt. Hood freeway crosses the Deschutes at the little town of Warm Spring.

This time of year, a weighted or bead head hare's ear tied on a mustad 3906 is all you need although other similar sized nymphs work also work well like phesant tails and green rock worms.


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I second hitting the D. Its a great stream although if you want quantity go hit the Crooked. Tons of fish in the crooked and it isn't much farther than the D.
You could also check out the Metulious(sp) which can be good but difficult.
I would also reccomend westfly.com


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I wouldn't recommend Hosmer, heard from a guy last week that the lower lake was still frozen over. The Deschutes would be a good idea, and I've heard the Santiam has a few steelhead in it. I'd also suggest the McKenzie, lots of really good reports have been coming in lately. Westfly is a great site for Oregon fishing. I go to college in Salem, too bad I'll be busy with baseball and finals, or we could've done some fishin'. :beathead



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thanks guys. I'll be on the deschutes for sure. I have no problem driving, since it ain't my dime. Hosmer is out, dang, I've always wanted to fish that water, but it can wait. anybody hit the beaches in Oregon???? Thanks again. YT :beer2
YT Before you get too worked up about the Deschuttes, see if you can find out about the river flow. I was over by the river a few weeks ago and it was rolling from bank to bank. You'll need lead, big lead, to get down to them.
At Maupin, the river was featureless, running from bank to bank up to the trees and unless you have memorized a spot that you can fish even in high water, it just might be very tough. I had my gear and the time but I decided to roll on by and head home. But I did stop at the river's edge to wet my hand and bless myself. Sacred waters should never be just passed on by.
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If you dont want to buy an Oregon license fish Washington. Merill is only little over an hour from Portland. I fished a piece of flowing water in that area this morning. I caught two rainbows both 16-18". The water was flowing fast but crystal clear. Where I was fishing is less than an hour and a half from where I live in Vancouver. If you're interested drop me a line at John1970W@aol.com.