Pattern First try at tube flies

Get a copy of Tube Flies, a Tying, Fishing and Historical Guide. You may be able to locate it in a library, or check it out at a fly shop. I'm not trying to push the book because I was the co-author with Mark Mandell (It has already gone through a couple of printings). However, there is so much information in the book on various methods of tying many different patterns on tubes that you will enjoy a tremendous jump-start in your tube fly tying. There are patterns, techniques and styles from tiers world-wide.
Tube Flies Two-Evolution by Mark Mandell and Bob Kenly has later patterns by several excellent contemporary tube fly tiers. It has recipes but not the detailed tying instructions of Tube Flies.
The possibilities of what can be created by tying on tubes is almost endless. I have used tube flies on southern saltwater for years on dorado, sailfish, skippies and other species. I also carry a selection on my trips to north Pacific salmon fishing destinations along with patterns dressed on hooks. A tube fly is not the only answer to tying flies but it is a method that has great possiblities and a long tradition in the Pacific Northwest.
Good Tying,
Les Johnson