How often do you fish?

It's a no-brainer that we all love to go fishing, and obvious from the number of posts that we also love to talk about it. With our lives getting ever more complicated, I was wondering just how often everyone actually gets out on the water to chase our scaled friends. I usually make ten to twelve outings per year (woefully few for an obsessed trout-chaser, I admit), split more or less equally between the east and west sides. How 'bout the rest of you?

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for me, since i cant drive yet, i gotta convince my dad to go. in the summer we usually go every weekend on local streams, or a few times a month in eastern washington


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Thursday evening becuase I get off work early, every saturday and every sunday.....with a few exception here and there, but not many.
I get out 3 or 4 times a week, but usually these are just one or two hour outings. Little urban ponds or the sound near home (I live in Puyallup, so Bonney Lake, Bradley Pond, Tapps, Point Defiance, Dash Point, Browns Point) - when it opens up, I live on the Puyallup river. I'll probably get in an hour or two every day this fall.)

Maybe twice a month, I get to go for a whole day, somewhere that involves a longer drive. This year, I'd like to get a few fish/camp/hike outings in as well, I usually only get one or two of those a year.

I regret not making it a point to undo my schedule and get over to Eastern Washington with everybody last month! Would have been great to meet the noble folks of this board.



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what do i know, im just a kid

at least once a week plus week long trips in the summer to fish my aunt's farm pond or the neighbors trout pond and out to spee-bi-dah beach to do some cutty fishing. once i get my own car it'll be more like 3 or 4 times a week. but no matter how often i go it is not enough!


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Right now, I'm hurt. The injury affects my fishing, so am only able to do very few trips, if that. I'm averaging about 1 trip a week right now, MAX. Those are just short jaunts.

But, on average, I put in about 150-200 days of fishing a year. I do alot on the weekends, and usually almost everyday at work if everything works out. I deliver around the sound, and plan my lunch break on the tides. Have property on the Nooch, and plan at least 2 weeks of my vacations exclusively to hardcore fishing (sun up to sun down).

Hopefully, when I'm healed up, my average will go back up to where it once was. Just hurts to much to fish. Which SUCKS!!!! Nothing worse then WANTING to pass off a fish.

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I used to know it all---but now I forgot it all.

Well last week I fished everyday except saterday and I went out again today. Until the rivers open back up I will probably make it out 5 to 6 times a week until then. I'm retired and have nothing but time on my hands. After I get my yard cut once a week my time is my time.

Just walked in from four days in Eastern Washington. How often do I fish? More than most but not as much as I'd like :) Bare minimum of two full days per week, one week a month I do four full days, sometimes six days straight if I'm on a trip, and then I usually throw in some half days and couple of hour fishes during the week, depending on how things are fishing. Think I'm around 47 days this year, if my fishing log is correct.


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How often do you fish? Probably way too often. I usually fish 3 or 4 days a week (April-November), even if it is only for 2 or 3 hours. Then one or two full days per week December-March.

Last summer, I spent 75 days on the road, and fished 71 of them.

Just checked my journal, and I have been out 21 times since March 16th, should be another good year........

I have a fantastic advantage in that I live directly on the Chattahoochee river. Last year I logged 218 days fishing, every Sat. and Sunday being full days... either on the Hootch or Somewhere in the Appalachians. This year I am on pace to beat 218! Just walked in from backpacking/flyfishing excursion in the Pisgah Natl. forest in North Carolina.:thumb

We are all sick.


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Like most everyone else has said, I don't fish nearly enough. Time is definitely limiting, but I could probably spend more time fishing than I do. I am finding that my obsessiveness is cyclical-during last fall and then late winter/early spring I was getting out every weekend and fishing hard. I then end up getting involved in activities in which my wife has more of an interest, such as snowboarding, mountain biking, running, etc., and getting into those. Throw in some landscaping, drinking with old college friends, a day or two of pure laziness, and suddenly my fishing time goes way down. For some reason, which I do not understand, my fly fishing obsession is on an ebb right now-gives me a chance to undertake all my other hobbies before the tide switches, flooding every other interest in my life...

How many times? Last year, probably 40 days. This year, hopefully more!


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Atleast 1-2 full days a week during this time of the year. Summer/Fall/Winter equals more time on the water ;) .

~Patrick ><>