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Charlie S

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Had another very good morning and remembered to bring the camera this time. My load was a Beeman ICS 400 with a Rage Broadhead. Shot the bird at 22 feet and it went about 10 yards and piled up. I like it when it works. When I use a shotgun I like the Federal Lead #4 or 5 3" loads with the control wad...deadly. Season is finished for me as this was my third and last allowable bird. Also the biggest at 22.5 lbs on a digital fish scale, but since we know all fishermen lie it was probably closer to 3 lbs. :):):):rofl::rofl:

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VERY NICE!!! weather has been difficult for us up here. My friend shot his first bird on thursday. I was going to go this weekend but with all the wind and snow, i decided to fish cutts instead.


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Nice Charlie

My dad and I went out the last two days and just had one bird gobbling on the roost in the morning, but that was all. It's like the birds are two weeks behind schedule??

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Solid work, Charlie. Did you arrow that longbeard from a ground blind?
As mentioned, our weather has the "turkey hatch" off a bit this year. I went out twice, to vastly different locations, and didn't see a gobbler. Heard a couple, but they didn't want to play.

Charlie S

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They've been tough here but I have several ranches where no one else hunts so they are pretty undisturbed. I just use a screen of camo material in front of me. I don't put up my blind unless I'm going to call coyotes. I do use a "Pretty Boy" decoy which works really well. The birds seemed to be very henned up until about Friday, a little later than normal. I've had a LOT of birds in range but chose to shoot with the camera instead of the gun/bow because I just like being there. I have gotten some great videos of them attacking old Pretty Boy...they sure can be aggressive and the hens like to peck at the submissive hen on the ground as well. I won't even go into the horse licking the hen was hilarious.