I was lucky enough to bag a bird yesterday morning. Mornings were cold with some light snow. The birds seemed wary and not willing to chat at all on Friday and Saturday. We saw one big bunch of birds (40!) near town. Other than that we saw a few singles and small groups.

Sunday the birds were talking back but not coming in on the decoy. As a last ditch effort, I got up and attempted to stalk the birds that we heard come down from their roost on a nearby ridge. It was steep, when I got into the edge of the woods my glasses fogged up. I couldn't see anything! I kneeled down in the brush to let the fog dissapate. After a few minutes, a hen yelped about 15 yards away and was answered immediately by a couple of gobblers. The brush was pretty thick but I could see the fan of a strutting gobbler. My heart was pounding. We played cat and mouse for a couple hundred yards up the ridge. I figured my hunt was over because I've never had any luck chasing after birds.

This time I did get lucky. Eventually, while I was stalking the birds, I spotted a hen about 30 yards ahead of me peeking out from some brush. I slowly got down on my knee and eased the safety off. She crossed the clearing, another hen crossed the clearing, then the gobbler crossed followed by a couple more hens. I squeezed the trigger and he went down.