Opening Day

Opening day is comin' up. Just wondering where everyone is headed? I will be fishing a lake that rhymes with "Battlerake". Be there Sun./Mon.

Good Luck :thumb:


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I'll stay away the first weekend, since it will be it's normal zoo like event, especially if the weather is good! I may go up to the Jimmy Green Memorial Spey Day's event up on hte Skagit, but have to be back by about 3pm, so I haven't decided for sure.

I do have a pellet fly somewhere in one of my flyboxes, so maybe I will head to a lake and see how that works! Doubtful, but it's a possibility...

Bill :cool:


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I plan on fishing a north-eastern flyfishing gem with John Newbury Sat. morning and maybe take my son and boat Sun. to do some combat fishing in a local free-fer-all.:thumb:Ill give yall a report.
Most likely hit a little lake Amie and I have hit opening weekend over the last couple years either Sat or Sun and maybe that big one in NB the other.
the last few years Amie and I put a clinic on the little lake and its a lot of laughs as many of the guys that live around the lake just can not understand people fly fishing and one a women at that out fishing them and their power bait.
Last year I noticed many of those living on the lake where trying their hand with fly rods. Also at least two of the guys fishing there tried to hit up on Amie and her then bright red hair.
Course with my luck this year on planter lakes I may even get skunked. Who knows. Seems like on year round lakes with planters this year I have had to work a bit for each fish. Sure would be nice to be into some easy fishing for a few days again.


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Fighting the Opening Day crowd can be depressing. bawling: Like, where do you park? :confused: However, if you wait until after the weekend, the fishing is just as good :thumb:, and it won't be as crowded. :thumb: Then again, if you enjoy putting on the clinic :p :rofl: :p :rofl:, you won't find as big of an audience as on Opening Day. :beer2:
I'm taking the 5 year old conventional fishing to one of the local lakes thats been well stocked, not sure which one yet though (angle, steel, pine, or wilderness..)
Gonna drive around earrrrllyyy in morning to find parking, hopefully at local sweet spot and actually fish for the good fish and then get my share of stockers and head out.

And thank you daryle for the sweet avatar pic, awesome


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Hey that's where I'm aheadin saturday. Hafta work so won't be up there until maybe three thirty or so in the afternoon. You've probably seen me before fishing bass there anyway one of my favorite lakes. Mostly just because it's on the way home from work. Might have some dog flies done by then to try out on the planters. Might be early for bass, but I'm bringing my 6wt and some big streamers too maybe there's a bass or two sunning in the shallows.