Opening Day

I took the family for a little hike today around Rattlesnake today and there were plenty of fish rising and cruising around. I also noticed the lake is extremely low and no one was poaching!
Thanks for the tips Tony.
I'll look for you guys. I'm in a blue Southfork. I'm looking forward to this and hoping to catch my first fish on a fly rod. :thumb: See you all there Sunday.
Might have to zip up to rattlesnake after work on monday; we used to hike the cliff fairly often, haven't been much since they built the new park a few years back.

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Well, I had a successful opener. I caught a few big triploids, as well as one smaller one. Kept one for the grill, too. Mmmm, fresh trout.

How'd everyone else do?
Went to Cottage Lake with my 7 y.o. daughter to fish off the dock. Tough and probably dangerous to bring 2 people (even when one is little) out on a pontoon boat, so I resigned myself to fishing with the baitchucking masses.ptyd We had fun with bobbers and worms and snacks and LOTS of questions. At the end of the day, fishing was pretty slow for most everyone we saw, but my little girl caught her first rainbow trout. It was a success.:D

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Went late to a lake I like, launching at about 5:30pm, and made it through all the boats and hatchery stockers to the far end of the lake, where its shallow and a feeder creek comes in, and my first fish was an 11" wild Coastal Cutthroat!

Doesn't start out much better than that! Watched another angler battling a big triploid, and it was a great some hoots from the other nearby boats.

No big ones to hand. Biggest was a nearly 14" skinny looking hatchery bow...looked more like a bright steelhead smolt than a triploid. I bonked her for din-din, the only one I took home. She had small but healthy looking egg skeins starting to develop, and the only fin clipped was the adipose.
We had prior commitments yesterday, so our opening day was this morning on lake wilderness. Overall it was a success with my little girl bringing in a few fish, and I even got to witness some poor guy rolling his boat in the middle of the lake a little after 6am. GOOD MORNING!! :rofl::rofl:

didn't have a chance to break the fly rod out, though I saw a few people out trolling around.


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Hit a N.E. area C&R lake that was great.Only 3 other people there.Its flyfishing only, we were in 'tubes and I lost count around 20-something.Caught fish all day on a type 3 sink with leaches and all the norm.Tied on a dragon nymph and caugth 3 in a row.:thumb:


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Went out to Padden and just fished the boat launch (where they probably dumped all the fish in) and 3 out of the 4 on my boat limited out within 1 hour. All 12-15 inchers. I limited out on the fly rod with a wooly bugger within 10-15 minutes. I started C&R'ing on my 4th. My buddy who thinks fly fishing is a waste of time, only caught 1 the whole time. I have outfished him 100% for two months now in a heads up spin casting vs fly fishing contest, yet he still is not a believer. Oh well. =)

Anyway, brought those trout home and smoked 'em up. Yum!

Rocket Red

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Went fishing with my Dad and oldest Daughter Ella. It was her first time getting up early and going with me. It was awesome having her along, she just turned 5 and she made it 4 hours which surprised both me and my Dad. She was bummed when we let the first big triploid go and vowed from that point on to reel in all the big fish and decide their fate for them. Luckily for the fish she only landed one more big one. We got lots of the little ones, but it was way slower than it should be. Probably due to the cold weather I bet it will fish better as it gets warmer.

I think we were in the same place Jim Wallace went (BTW Jim I sent you a PM last week).

Here's some pics.

Reelin' one in.

"We are keeping this one"



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Missed the opening day event - but hit lake tye with 4 kids sunday evening.

Apparently fishing was SLOW from what everying one kept telling us. Luckily, I have some bait fishing mojo left from the old days and got each kid into a fish. Soon guys were casting their bait within inches of where I was fishing, so it was time to move on. The kids had their fill. :thumb:

A stringer of fish for dinner ranging from 8 inches to 5+ lbs:

Bad camera phone pic, but the big one landed by my boys buddy was THICK:

Check out the orange slash on this one:
Damn ChadK you found some big planters.

I went to Padden and was catching fish on every cast and getting the hairy eyeball from everyone else.

I kept telling them, slip sinkers with corn flavored power bait, three foot leader.

They kept catching perch with worms because worms lay on the bottom.

I said to many people asking about my rig, Power Bait floats!! How can you fish that with a bobber?

More hairy eyeballs.

I finally showed an old Russian guy what was up by sticking my setup in his face and explained that the Power Bait floats between 2 and 3 feet off the bottom. I explained that the slip sinker meant you could feel the subtle bites. His eyes lit up like he had an epiphany.

Anyway, it was super damn easy with the old slip sinker w/swivel and a small hook with a ball of corn flavored Power Bait on a 3 foot tippet.

Amazing how people JUST DON'T GET IT. They even ask me angrily and I explain how my setup is different but they still DON'T GET IT.

They still use tons of split shot, 20 pound test, worms, bobber, the non-corn flavored Power Bait, catch the same snag on every cast....

OMG, I watched a guy cuss and cuss hooking the same snag on every cast......does he think the tree moved? WTF!?!?

I was thinking OMG these dirty *uckers are going to beat the shit out of me if I keep catching them like this.

Some guy said Power Bait was cheap and I explained I was matching the hatch. In the case of opening day planters corn REALLY is matching the hatch right?

Typical of opening day at Padden, just what I expected, a zoo/carnival, guys cussing at each other, fist fights......100% Americana......*UCKING BEAUTIFUL!

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Rocket Red, Yes that scenery looks familiar! Great shots...that one of your daughter squinting at her rod like seasoned pro is one of the best "kids fishing" shots i've seen. (Ha Ha, I'll bet she IS a seasoned pro already!)

The kid I usually take with me on opening day went surfing...offshore winds all morning and a clean little swell sounded better to him than opening day crowds.

Don't recall the pm. I'd better check. My regular e-mail has changed from dial-up at Techline to hi-spd cable at Comcast.

Strong SW winds and rain showers...hmmm might have to go torture myself some more! If not today, then tomorrow for sure!:thumb:
How many did you end up with Jason?

Americana? Your's is much different than what I tend to experience on opening days at other lakes. i'll be sure to avoid Padden in future opening day events...

This is more like it, and closer to what opening day should be about:
I don't know how many I caught but I killed 3. I was tossing them back if they hadn't fully swallowed the hook and bait.

There were plenty of kids around to be sure but there were just as many grimy people without kids trying to get a "home-pack".

Yeah Padden can have some rough people for sure, if you want solice and no cussing Silver Lake is probable a better bet with more space and more scenery.

Padden has LOTS of Russian speakers that are plenty drunk which usually makes for a good show.

More people around here must have experience with the craziness! Post it up!