Beginner with a wooly bugger question

I have had my 6 wt rod and reel for about a year. I am finally going to try it out. I have the basics of casting down, thanks to a lot of reading and a basic class from a north end shop.

I am using rio floating line with rio powerflex leader and a black wooly bugger. Does the wooly bugger sink or float? What type of action should I try? Short jerks, let it float or what? I am going to practice my casting at Lake Meridian, which is about 10 minutes from my house. Eventually, I want to fish the puget sound coho, which I think will come in september.



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You probably would have more success with a sinking line but you can catch fish using the dry line, the bugger should sink and it would be best if it were weighted seeings you are using a floater, other than that experiment with your retrieves until you find one the fish will hit and then try to do it again, keep in mind the fish will change up on what they want sometimes slow sometimes really fast it rarely will be the same two days in a row.
If you have a boat or tube go hit up wilderness out in maple valley. the majority of the fish aren't that big however there a lot of them in there still (it won't be like this long because of over fishing and the pressure from eagles/osprey). anyways early in the year i go there just to get some action. anyways if you drag or retrieve a bugger out there you will be guaranteed some fish. Sinking line is preferred but hell you could still catch plenty of stockers on a floating line with a 9 foot leader. i have never fished meridian my self but i know there are a lot of fish in there. Try the shallow section at the end of the lake right of the boat launch. Just get out and try it. Good Luck!
I will eventually try wilderness but for now I am trying to get the casting down. I don't have a boat but will have a small pontoon by the end of the year.

I bought my rod and reel for the coho in the sound. For now, I don't want to change an unused line and leader. I have only used it to practice casting.

I will give the lake, near the boat launch, a try this weekend. Plan to try several local lakes this summer to improve my casting. I want to be ready to hit the beach in the fall for coho.

Thanks a lot for your input,

Steven Green

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floating line will be fine with a longer leader if you use a bugger with weight like a cone or bead head. If you don't have one, throw a split shot on the leader and call it good for now.