Amber 5/15

The unofficial first day of summer in Spokane. Yesterday overcast and mid-60's, today bright and 80. Perfect evening to break in my 4wt GLX. I lined it with a 5wt old-school blue intermediate line, which is the slowest sinking line i've found. It cast just fine but I would like to try it out with a 4wt line.

The spots I was fishing a month ago with leeches 6 feet under a bober have veg to within a couple feet of the surface. Fish were swirling in the same spots they were then so I cast them a damsel nymph. Broke off the first take. The next three were little rocket rainbows, all 12-14". I stopped getting takes so I moved out to the edge of the weeds and tried a grey callibaetis. Small (sz 18-20) chironos were popping and fish were up near the surface. Great to see after 6 weeks of mostly deep fishing. I'm sure the fish were eating the little emerging midges but any good cast to a riseform got a take on my nymph. Fish of the night was a 16" westslope cutt. I never got into the bigger 'bows I was catching in April but those little guys were a hoot on my 4wt.
Thanks for the report Troutpocket. My son and I are heading out to Amber Sunday or Monday. We picked up a couple last weekend on Olive Buggers.