Fishing near Spokane

I will be visiting family in Spokane in a couple weeks (my first trip to the area), and hope to "escape" for some fly fishing in the area. I'll be there for a week, so I may get to fish a couple of times.

Anyway, any suggestions on rivers/streams to fish would be greatly appreciated. Since Spokane is so close to Idaho/Montana, I didn't know if it was better to go east, south, west or north?

Also, suggestions for a local flyshop would be helpful as well

Thanks in advance for any advise and assistance.


Scott Salzer

previously micro brew
First off, I don't fish there often so I may not be the best source. Be sure and check the regs, I don't know if any or all of the following are open/closed.

I have caught some big browns on the Spokane river, there are also some nice bows. I am familiar with the area right around Stateline - just b4 the ID border. Haven't fished it, but the St. Joe in ID is supposed to be very good at times. There is Amber Lake south of Spokane.

FF shops: Blue Dun, Spokane (509)838-3474
Silver Bow Fly Shop, Spokane (509) 483-1772
I would highly recommend you visit one of the two local shops already suggested. There are literally hundreds of areas nearby, but they can be trciky this time of year. The shops can point you in the right direction. Of course Idaho or Montana are wonderful, but they are a little further away. Good luck