Any advice for Ell, Aeneas, or Blue Lake (by Wanncut)


I was wondering if anyone had any advice and/or information or reports about fishing Ell, Aeneas, or Blue Lake (by Lake Wannacut). I have never been to this area of Washington (from Seattle) and I was thinking of making a trip just for the scenery (which I heard was beautiful) this Memorial Day weekend. Getting into some fish would be great and make the trip more worthwhile paying $70 to fill up the car. More importantly I would like to get my wife who is learning how to fly-fish into some fishes. Would any of these lakes be better for a beginner?

Is Aeneas a private Lake? I thought a portion was private but I read on a website that the lake was private.

From my reading Blue Lake sounds interesting and I heard it has lahontans. Any one of these lakes better than other?

I would very much appreciate any wisdom.
I fished Ell on opening day this year for a couple hours with no luck but it definitely has some big fish. Never fished the other lakes mentioned so I can't give you any advise on which one to try over another. There are a couple other Lakes near Ell that have decent fishing too...Round Lake and Long lake......and farther down the Aeneas Valley Road Crawfish Lake and Lyman Lake also have decent fishing too. I you want to head a little farther west, Swan and Fish Lakes south of Republic have good fishing too

I'll probably be on Ell or Lyman on Saturday myself.


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As of a couple years ago, Aeneas was not private. Not sure about now. If you have never been there, it is a dirty dust bowl, unless your on the water. If the wind kicks up, and it usually does, the dust and dirt is everywhere. Usually the wind doesn't play as much with the water as it does the camp ground, as you camp on a bluff over the lake. Single outhouse that hasn't been improved since the Johnson administration. It's dry camping, no water or power.

If you like dust, dirt, and wind, that's the place for you. The fishing can be spotty, yet as always once found, can be fun. A lot of times you are not even fishing that far from the launch.
blue lake by wannacut has a launch at the south end. i've driven by a couple times
seeing fly anglers on pontoon boats but have no idea how they did except that they
were there for a couple days. looks good to try. the north end of wannacut is not too far from there so you can fish that too.
Aeneas and Ell Lake are not fishing well. I fished Blue Lake on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week and had mixed results. With all the flooding going on the Lake rose to the point it was in the trees and brush. The Lake water was dark and full of crap. Avg fish caught was 3-6 fish a day and mainly the plants.
Aeneas actually is fishing extremely well, I think they must have recently planted it. I was out with my Dad on Wednesday evening for about 3 hours and I have no idea how many fish we caught. Nothing magic, we caught them trolling, soaking chironimids, casting, you name it. We started out trolling and would cast our lines out and then I'd give my Dad my rod to hold while I rowed. He'd usually have one on within about 3 strokes. It got to the point where I'd wait until he had a fish on both rods before I'd stop rowing and take my rod back from him to land the fish.

All of them were cookie cutter fish in the 10-12" range, so I think they must have just planted it. Good fighters though.

On a side note, I had an interesting by-catch. We were fishing chironimids and my strike indicator went down. I set the hook and immediately felt weight, but no head shakes. A couple of strips and I saw something skating across the top of the water. I had a painted turtle hooked right in the upper lip. Guess they eat 'mids as well....